Thursday, July 22, 2010

E-Reader Update

Well, I am liking my Sony PRS 600 E-Reader much better than I did at first.  I have almost finished a book I got through Barnes and Noble for under $3.  I had no problem with the one that I paid for, and I was able to upload a few classics from them as well.  There were a few more current books that looked good and were also free.  They were supposedly free,  and it appeared I was able to successfully download them, however I couldn't read them from my computer or move them to the Sony E-reader.   I read on their forum, that Sony isn't compatible with the format they use, but  it was sure compatible with the one I paid money for!

There are a lot of books available for $6-10, but I just won't pay that much for a book to read one time, unless it's something I have to have right away (like the Twilight series).  I know a lot of people do though, so this may be less expensive.  I am still intending to get them free from the library.

The Sony is easy to read, as long as you have decent light.  The first night I used it I didn't have enough light and that was my problem there. You probably need a little better lighting for an E-reader than a regular book.  You can just lay it on your lap and not have to worry about the page flipping over as you would with a regular book.  I like that.  I found some free books, but mostly they are junk or old, old books.  Okay, so they are classics, but they are still really old!  I know I should pick up a few of the classics, but the ones I started just didn't get my attention right away.

If the Georgia library would just make it easier to download their E-books, I would prefer to get my books there.  I need to work on getting my Florida library card back.

I still can return my Sony, if I am not happy with it, but I think I will keep it.  What I like about it, is:

1.  It accepts the format from the library's, so I can get free books there.

2.  I like the online dictionary, for looking up words I don't know.

3.  I like the notepad.  I can underline or highlight things and I then save that page.  It's a good way to remember characters in those books with so many people.

4.  I think the size is about perfect.  It's a 6inch screen, which is just about right.  About like a paperback.  I think a larger one might get a little too heavy.

So if any of you are thinking about getting an e-reader, check out the Sony PRS 600. I don't think you would go wrong with any of them though.  I looked at the Kobo from Barnes and Noble and liked it real well.  Also the Nook from Borders (I think) appears to be a nice one as well.  Of course, the original Kindle is the original.  It's confusing to try to buy something new like this that you don't know anything about.  The nice thing, is that they are coming down in price.  Ours has a touch screen which I like, but I tried the Kobo out without the touch screen and it was just as easy. You just push (mash as they say in Georgia) a button to turn the pages.  I can either push the button or brush my finger over the screen to turn the page.  I find that is what I normally do.

This is what the main page looks like. It's a touch screen, so I just tap where I want to go. The top left icon is the book I am reading.  It takes you right back to the page you left off.  Pretty cool huh?

Sony Digital Reader Touch Edition - Black (PRS600BC)

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