Friday, July 23, 2010


Al and I have always believed in vitamins and food supplements.  We know we don't eat properly and the foods available these days are not grown like they used to.  Everything is grown with herbicides and pesticides, and produce is no longer allowed to ripen naturally.

What got me started in vitamins is when I started getting Migraine headaches (on my honeymoon).  Long story short, I found out that birth control pills depleted your supply of vitamin B-6 which in some cases could cause Migraines.  No more migraines.  Anyway, after that I got interested in supplements.

The problem with taking vitamins, is that in order to get everything you need you can spend a fortune.  Over the years I have found a few brands that I trust.

One brand I stayed away from was One a Day Multiple Vitamins.They were known for not dissolving.

So the point of my story, is that I found a new multiple vitamin that I really like.  We both noticed immediately that we felt better when we took them.

The vitamin is One A Day 50+ Advantage.  I tell you, they give me more energy!  I noticed the difference almost right away after taking them.  I also notice when I get lax and don't take them for a few days.

We found these vitamins while at Sam's Club.  I think they were about $17 for a large bottle.  We just decided to get some "cheap" vitamins to tide us over until we could get some good (expensive) ones.  I compared the labels of  "One a Day" and Centrum and found One A Day to be better, which surprised me.  They have a Men's and Women's over 50 formula.  We decided to give them a try and we went with the woman's formula.  After all, we were just taking them until we found better ones.

What we found out was that almost immediately we both started to have more energy. That sure surprised me because this brand used to have such a bad reputation. 

We're going to get Al on the Men's 50+ formula now that we know we like them.  The men's formula has no iron, and it has lycopene, which is the ingredient in tomato's that is known to promote prostrate health. 

The right formula if you're over 50 is in a silver/gray plastic bottle.  I didn't see them at our Walmart, but it's a small store. I don't know where to get them other than Sam's Club. 

Anyway, I just wanted to pass this on because they sure seem to help us.

(edit:  they didnt' work today...went into town ate lunch then came home and had a nap :)  Didn't sleep very well though....


  1. Thanks again for all the research you have done for us!!

    We will try this! Will let you know how it makes us feel!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Cindy's back!! Yeah!!! How is your Dad doing?

    I'm making my second batch of your sweet pickles as we speak! Loved them!


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