Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comment Moderation

Merikay made a comment on her blog a few days ago about comment moderation with word verification.  You know, the one where you have to type in some crazy word that you cannot read. It was something she disliked and I have always hated them too.  I thought I had mine turned off.  It turns out, I turned it off on my other blog, but never did with this one.

I went ahead and turned off the word verification.  I have it set so that I have to approve any comments, so I don't see where the word verification is necessary.

I had to figure out (again) how to do it.  Here's what you do.

In Blogger, go to  Settings, then Comments, then just say no to word verification.
Rick turned his off also.  Maybe we can get those darn things removed from most blogs!!

Word verification is one of my pet peeves, but also small print (I'm's all small print) and blogs that are hard on my eyes.  I can't explain that,, it's just some are very hard to read.  I'm also not a big fan of music.  You can increase size of print on blogs you are reading by "control" and "+".  Everyone probably knows that, but I just figured that out a few months ago.

Today's plan is to finish my sweet pickles, make my soap, and do something constructive as far as getting ready to put the house on the market.  The problem is, that we need to finish up the porch painting, gutter cleaning, roof repair projects, but it's been 98 degrees with stifling humidity.  We need to get outside by 7am and start work, but we just can't seem to get motivated until we've had coffee for a few hours.  :)


  1. Just thought I'd try your comments with no 'word-verification'!! As for the print on blogs, I sometimes find 'too-large' print just as annoying as too-small so I just leave mine at the default setting.

  2. I agree Rick, I don't like too large print either and also too bright. I find yours very easy to read. I guess the default is good, huh?

  3. Great blog today. I need to get in and change my settings also. An extra thanks for reminding me to get back to taking my supplements, I seem to get off track sometimes and i know I definitely feel better when I am taking them.

  4. We just turned off our word verification yesterday as well.

  5. I agree - I don't like having to type those words either. I have been blogging for six years and I have never had my blog set for that and I also don't "approve" everyone's comments. In "Settings" for "Comment Verification" I use "Never". In six years I don't recall ever having spam or a comment that I had to delete.

    Larger fonts are my preference because it's easier for my old eyes. Do you think my fonts are too large? What about my color scheme? I like Margie M.'s blog - I may try to change my colors again. I'd like your opinion.

  6. Margie,

    I like your blog colors just fine, but it's not what the readers like, it's what YOU like. I think it's nice that we can change them around as often as we like. I haven't changed mine much because I am never sure if I could get back to the old way if I didn't like the new one.

    Once I figured out how to make the blogs I read larger, I can deal with small fonts, but I'm like you...I need larger print.

  7. Thanks for the hint on the no work verification... I turned mine off too on my blog.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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