Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Little Progress

Despite the heat, we managed to make some progress on the house today.  We got the front porch floor half painted. I used Al's electric sander and roughed up the previous paint a little, then put down one coat of  Behr's paint. We were very happy with it. I remembered using it several years ago and didn't like it, but they must have improved it over the years because it was great paint.  It went on very smooth and one coat covered perfectly.  That's my kind of paint!  I hate to paint and anything that makes it easier is great.  Hopefully we can finish it tomorrow.  At least we felt like we had made some progress.  We could get so much more done if it was a little cooler.


  1. We feel your pain on painting we also are painting and at the rate we're going it will take about a year or more to get it done.

    Then it will be time to start painting the outside..

  2. Hope you're doing all this stuff earlier in the day when instead of horrendous it's only miserable.

    Thanks for the info on the e-reader. I may be rethinking it also.


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