Friday, July 30, 2010

Does the Thermometer Go over 100?

We have one of those thermometers that has a sensor outside and you read it inside.  It give you the inside and outside temperatures.  It’s digital and  Al was wondering if it went up to 100 degrees.

Well, here is the answer.

Yep, I guess it does.  It’s about 2pm and already 101.7 degrees.

Our plan for this afternoon was to wash the motor home.  We figured playing in water would be a good thing in this heat.  However, we didn’t plan on it getting quite this hot.  So maybe we will have to rethink our plan.

This morning we took the motor home to get gas at the non-ethanol station that we found yesterday.  It’s 18 miles away.  It’s a shame the government has chosen what kind of fuel we can put in our vehicles.  We bought some Lucas Fuel Conditioner and added to the gas.  We ran the generator under load with both a/c’s running, so it got a good work out.  We had a little trouble getting the air conditioners to run without “shedding”.  We have some kind of electric management system and it will  shut down one or both air conditioners if it’s not getting enough power.  We only have a 30 amp system.   I then remembered I had the house battery switch turned off, I turned it on and shortly later the a/c’s  quit shedding.  I don’t know if that was the problem or what, but it worried me.  We sure don’t want the expense of  a/c problems. 

As usual when we haven’t driven the motor home for a while, I get a little nervous.  Al says when we go to the mountains, I will have to “stay in my room.”   He does a good job, but until we’ve driven a little while my nerves are on edge. 

So the motor home has been run, gassed, and a fuel conditioner added.  We’re good for another month.  Maybe it’ll get it’s bath a little later today.

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  1. OMG I can't believe it is so darn HOT. Guess we need to stay away from Georgia.

    I know what you mean about being in the MH after not being in it for awhile. Surely I must drive Roger crazy with my "slow down", "you're too close to the edge of the road" comments. Guess Al would tell me to go to my room.


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