Saturday, July 03, 2010

No Progress Yesterday

We had made some progress on our painting project on Thursday and were hoping to keep up the momentum yesterday.  However, that was not to be.

Al was feeling better than he was, but still was not up to par so he finally broke down and tried to make a doctors appointment.  Unfortunately, our doctor was out of town and his partner has recently retired, so we were not able to get an appointment at that office.  This is one thing I don't like about small town living.  We searched our Humana website to find another doctor who is on the preferred provider list.  Unfortunately on that list, several of the doctors weren't accepting new patients.  We finally located a doctor we could use and got an appointment.  He was Pakistani and not our number one choice, but he was available and Al got an appointment.  He thought Al had a sinus/respiratory infection and prescribed another anti-biotic.   He is due for his physical, so he'll make an appointment with his own doctor in a few weeks, and we'll follow up on this infection.

Our  Rabbit Air Purifier arrived yesterday and so far I'm very impressed.

We had bought a Honeywell brand system at Home Depot and it was so noisy, it drove you crazy.  You get what you pay for, I guess.  It's being returned.   The Rabbit system has 6 different filters, one stacked on top of the other.  Each filter has a different purpose.  The top one is washable and will pick up the cat hair and dust.   The highest and noisiest setting on the Rabbit is much quieter than the quietest setting on the Honeywell.  Hopefully it will help Al.  He has just developed a sensitivity to chemical odors, dust, and paint fumes.  That makes it difficult when you're trying to paint!

This morning we woke up to something we hadn't seen for a while, and we were shocked!  We temperature outside was 69 degrees!  We hadn't seen anything in the 60's for a while.  I opened the back door to get some of that cool air inside!  Of course, 5 minutes later, it hit 70!

The 4th of July week-end will find us hanging around the house.  One thing I do like about small town living is that we don't hear noisy fireworks 2 weeks before and a week afterwards.  In Tampa a few weeks before the 4th, or New Years, or several other holidays, people would buy fireworks and set them off day and night.  They  wouldn't be the pretty ones, just the noisy ones.  I have never seen the point in just making noise.  We get none of that here and I love our peace and quiet!  I'd much rather hear a bird chirp!

One thing we might do today is go see the new Twilight movie, "Eclipse."  I got interested in the movie after watching the first movie.  I enjoyed it so much, I decided to read the book and I was hooked.  I ended up reading all 4 books and we've seen both movies so far.  Al likes the movies, but couldn't get into the books.  In town there is a movie theater that is the old fashioned style theater.   It has been renovated and is supposed to be very nice.  We'll see I guess.  The matinee starts at 4:30 and the cost is $6 but they have a senior citizen special....don't know what the age is, but we are getting older.  :) 

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  1. Hope Al starts feeling better soon - finding new doctors can be a real pain. I wonder what it will be like being on the road and needing a doctor. Our insurance tells us to use an urgent care facility - I haven't seen many of those on this trip.


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