Monday, July 05, 2010

The Plan

Today’s plan is to work on the floor for the back porch.  It needs to be sanded a little, primed and painted.  Not my favorite task, but necessary before we put the house on the market.  Then we will need to start on the front porch, which is larger.  :(

There is a front in the Gulf of Mexico, that is potentially going to be the next tropical storm, so it’s bringing us a some cloudy and cooler weather.  It’s only 81 now and not too awfully humid…perfect painting weather.

Our new Rabbit Air Purifier is trying to tell me something.  We got it Friday and so far like it real well.  It’s so quiet, I don’t know it’s even running.  It has a blue light that illuminates to let you know the quality of your air is good.

Yesterday, after breakfast, the light  turned bright red.  I quickly got out the manual to see what it meant and…oh no…toxic air!  Well actually just not good air. 

Evidently Mr. Rabbit didn’t like my cooking.  I may have caused a little smoke when I was cooking Al’s breakfast yesterday.  He talked me into bacon, eggs and hash browns.   I think it was the bacon that got me!  Last night for dinner, we got the red light again…all I made was spaghetti and garlic toast.  So I guess it’s sensitive enough to tell when the air quality isn’t good.  When that happens, it goes into a higher mode until it’s satisfied with the air quality. 

Okay, breaks over…time to get back to work.

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  1. The toxic air thing is funny. I have set the smoke detectors off in the trailer several times with my cooking. Not even anything that bad boy are they loud. Since Al is still alive its obvious your cooking isn't truely toxic. Good story. :)


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