Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tennessee Mountain Vacation?

Al knows someone that has a RV lot in north Tennessee, near the Virginia border.  Actually, they have  rv 4 lots with electricity, water and sewer. :)  They have invited us to bring the MH up there and stay whenever we want, and we've been thinking we might take them up on their kind offer.  It's about 500 miles north of us, so we figured we'd need 5-6 days to get there...just kidding, we'd only need 3!  We're not big on driving any distance, but I think we could make it in two days but if we found somewhere we wanted to stay, we could take some extra time.  The only thing is I'm worried about driving in the mountains!  By mountains, remember this girl is a flatlander and if the elevation is over 200 feet, it's a mountain to me!   Our motorhome is a gutless wonder, so I hope it can make it up the hills!  Actually it has been from Florida to Alaska, so I guess it made up over a few mountains.  It went there with it's previous owners...not us. We know because we have a receipt for an oil change in Alaska.

So that gives us something else to think about.  If, we get the house ready to sell, and if nothing else comes up (like a sold sign) we might be able to squeeze a fall trip in.  The nice thing is that we don't need a reservation, so if it works out, we can just go!  How nice is that?


  1. I really think you need to go for it. And there really aren't any "mountains" between you and them, so you should be able to go up and over anything you might encounter. Sounds like a great, fun adventure.

  2. Hi Karen and Al,
    Well, you might need to "borrow" a stronger MH to make it up to Maine!
    The state is full of very steep grades! And it continues into New Brunswick!
    We saw a few Northern Gannets last Saturday I thought you might enjoy to know! They just dive bomb into the sea after a fish! So funny!
    Go ahead, go for it, I heard it is so beautiful in that area near the Virginia Border!
    Thanks for reading our blog!
    Kathy and Grant

  3. Not on this subject, but do you read ? She (Judy) has some great photos of hummingbirds etc. - thought you might enjoy them.

  4. Well, heck yeah, go for it! Have I ever mentioned about a huge mountain I accidentally got us on - it was our first trip in our 32 foot gas motor home. Roger still tells people about that! And did I mention it was somewhere near where you will be heading. Just do what I do when a mountain scares me...go back to the bedroom and cover up your head. Roger prefers that I do that instead of "braking" on the passenger side, breathing heavy, grabbing the armrests and hanging on, and constantly asking if everything is OK.

    Wish I had friends that owned 4 RV lots! Can you introduce us to your friends????

  5. We were in that area last fall and it was just awesome! Beautiful trees and lots to see and do! I truly hope you get to go up there and wow, what friends!!

  6. Mountains aren't so bad to go up, it's the coming down that is more of a problem. Just take your time and go in low gear, especially coming down steep grades to take the pressure of the brakes. Should the brakes still feel like they are getting to hot, then pull over and give them a break. We have travelled over the Rocky Mountains, from Vancouver to Los Angeles and also through the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico and we survived them all. Would have regretted missing the views if we didn't do it.

    North Tennessee is beautiful, don't miss the chance, or you'll have regrets!

    Go for it!!!!

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Jim and Sandie..
    It looks like there are mountains to me. We have to go across the Smokies. Do you just mean they aren't big mountains, or will we be able to go around?

    Okay, please tell me where that big mountain is you put Roger on. I don't want any surprises!! You know I'm freaking out about driving in the mountains. Wonder if there's a way to go around? You're familiar with this about some guidance on the route. It's north of Boone, TN.

  8. The big mountain was "Lovers Leap" in VA - north of Boone, so no problem for you. I looked at the Eastern Mountain Directory for NC and TN.

    1) If you plan to go north on I-75 and I-85, then onto 321 to Boone - there is a big mountain (If you don't have this book, let me know, and I type the description for you.

    2) An alternative route that looks like it might add an additional 90 miles would be to take I-75 to Chattanooga and Knoxville, then I-81 to Johnson City and across 321 to Boone - my book doesn't show any problems.

    However, 321 looks really twisty. My suggestion would be to go on and make the subject something like Boone, NC - Highway 321 and ask someone to give you more detailed info.

  9. Thanks Margie,

    I'll check out those routes. I'd rather drive further than on mountains or twisty roads. I guess I need to get that book. I'll look and see if I can order it. The place we are going is supposed to be about 30 miles north of Boone, so we may have to go on that mountain of yours!!!! :(


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