Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Owe an Apology to Brian

We are continuing to post items for sale on Craig's List, and are currently listing a Garden tiller.

I had gotten an e-mail from "Brian" and we made arrangements for him to come by today.  He called this morning and said he was on his way, so we went up to the garage, got the tiller out, started it up and cleaned the dust off of it a little bit.  We rode around the yard on the Golf cart for a while so that when Brian came, we could lead him up to the garage.  He was interested, made an offer for $300, we held our $350 price, he agreed and then asked if we would take a check?  Yeah right, we're going to take a $350 check from a perfect stranger?  What are you thinking?  We said no, but told him where there was a Bank of America ATM.  He left and I didn't think we'd ever see him again.  I was irritated that he wasted an hour of our time!

Well, we never thought we'd see Brian again, but a little while later, up drives Brian in his little red truck with cash in hand!  He loaded the tiller up in the back of his truck, without tying it down or securing it in any way.  I just knew it was going to fall down or bounce right out of his truck.  It's his now, so it will be his problem.  Anyway, I guess I owe Brian an apology, I  thought he was trying to pull a scam. After all, we were perfect strangers.  Is it just me, or has my years of insurance claim adjusting, made me a skeptic?

Well at least that's one more larger item gone! 

Now with my $350 in hand....I'm wanting a present and Al says I can have one (he's such a soft touch.)!

I'm interested in an E-reader.  I had been wanting one for a while and Rick wrote a post to his blog this morning about the Sony model that he had and liked.  He pointed out that not all E-Readers will allow you to download E-Books from the library, but the Sony one will.   Thanks Rick for the information!  I think it will be great once we go full time to be able to get our books this way.  Of course we'll have to have one for each of us.  I've been looking online but I think we may head to Tallahassee tomorrow and check them out.  I want to be able to hold one in my hand and look at it, and I also want to be able to return it if I don't like it. I find returns are much easier at stores, even though I'll have to pay sales tax. 

 So that's about it for today.  Al is out riding my mower, so I may have to go out and kick him off....but I think I'll wait a few more acres first.  :)


  1. Take comfort in knowing that most people won't take a check either.

    And for this Brian to just assume that you would is really pushing it. I would never ask a seller to do that, and if it was too much value to carry around that much cash, then we would meet at my bank for them to get a cashier's check. We have done that for used private vehicle purchases.

    One time back in the 60's, as a child, my mom was home on a day when a guy came to buy a camper my dad was selling in our yard. Mom took a check. It was no good and the guy with the camper were long gone. My dad never let my mom forget how she *gave away* that camper!

    So, never taking a check is a good method to do business.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. Just my opinion...people going to a garage sale should expect to be paying cash. I did take a check on a a couple of $1000+ pieces of furniture, but worried until the cleared the bank.

    I have a Kindle on my iPhone and love it. I like being able to take it to bed with me and read in the dark. Since my iPhone is connected to the Internet by AT&T, I can ordered a book and it get downloaded immediately to my phone...or I could download it to my laptop. The books I have bought are a little more expensive than at a store but I like the convenience of the iPhone. The Kindle on the iPhone is free from Amazon. So many RV parks have book exchanges too. You'll still have that option too.

    In summary, I would still love to have some type of eBook reader - probably just because I love having a bunch of electronic gadgets.

    We just got the money from our dining room I'm thinking about a new camera...or maybe an eBook reader. Decisions, decisions.

  3. Hi Karen! Just wanted you to know I got your comment, and appreciate your feedback. I went ahead and deleted the comment and as soon as Jonathan gets my laptop set up, I will be editing the location. Can't figure out how to edit using my smart phone. Thanks for the heads up. Also, since there is a town here, we will go on a live mouse trap hunt. I'm getting so tired of this!

  4. I like books myself, when I fall asleep reading in the chair all I have to do is pick up the book and find what page I was on. With an E reader I would probably be braking the screen on it two or three time a week.

  5. I love your story about the mouse - how funny! I have a Kindle and wouldn't go back to paper book. I think they all have their pluses and minuses. I like having the wireless connection available and not paying any extra for it. They have lots of free books available also even though people don't realize it.


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