Friday, July 30, 2010

How to "un" Reject a Comment?

Anyone know how to "un" reject a comment?  Rick, I know you can help. :)

I accidentally hit "reject" and deleted a good comment regarding fuel stabilizers.  The anonymous commenter said in south Florida a lot of people have problems with generators during hurricane season.  They let them sit all year with fuel in them and they don't run when they need them.  It sounded like he worked at a small engine shop.  He also said he used Stabil in his 454 engine.

Thanks "anonymous" for your comment.  We plan to start using a fuel stabilizer regularly in the motor home, and our other small engines.  That ethanol is just too damaging. I don't know if it in Diesel fuel or not. 

We did find a gas station about 18 miles from us that doesn't have any ethanol in their fuel. I spoke to the owner. She said they were trying to hold out and not buy the ethanol gas because her husband also felt it was bad for the engines.  We figured, the motor home needs to be run monthly, so we'll run it to the gas station and put gas in it.  As much gas as it sucks up, we can run it there next month and buy a little more.  :)  Hopefully this hot weather will cool down soon and we can go on a camping trip.  It' so hot now, we have no desire to go camping.  We're still hoping to be able to go on the Tennessee trip, but that probably won't be until October.

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  1. Karen, there is a way to "un-delete" a rejected comment but only if you have "comment notification email" turned on - i.e. do you get emails of all your comments?

    If you do, let me know by email and I'll send you the procedure, o.k



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