Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome new followers, Chuck and Aneeke.  It's always nice to log on and find a new follower!

Today was a productive day.  We got the floor on the front porch painted and almost all of the trim.  It's pretty much a done deal!  Hopefully tomorrow we can finish up the remaining trim. I need a little painting gadget to finish some areas that a regular paint brush doesn't work well.   Tomorrow, we're going to put the chairs back and maybe a vase or two of flowers, then I intend to turn the fan on and sit out there any read my book for a little while.

After we finished the painting, I gave us both a haircut.  Another accomplishment!  After that, Al finished mowing the pasture!  That's such a big job, to finish it is cause for celebration.  So I'm having a vodka tonic to celebrate his good work!

We're getting closer to actually listing the house.  We have chosen a Realtor, and now we just need to get a few more things done.  We really need to list it while everything is green and pretty, but we just keep finding more things that need doing!  I may go ahead and put it on Zillow for now and see if anything happens.

I am so disappointed to find out my Pillars of the Earth mini series that we were watching through Netflix was only the first 2 episodes!  We came inside for a break today and were looking forward to watching episode 3 and it wasn't there.  I know it's playing on Tv but I guess just one episode a week, so I guess I'll have to wait for the rest.  I did buy the book and it's loaded on my E-reader, so I started it today. 

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  1. I bet I can hear you scream all the way down here in Louisiana if someone wants to come see the house.


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