Monday, July 12, 2010

100 Best Places to Live


This list was on my Yahoo home page this morning.  My idea of a great place to live doesn't mean long, cold winters, lots of rain,  not much excitement, or short on charm!

I guess I have a different view of a great place to live!  These were a few of the top 10 that were on the list. 

Eden Prairie, MN
Population: 64,000
Unemployment: 5.1%
Pluses: Plenty of jobs, very low crime, lots for kids to do
Minus: Long, cold winters
Bellevue, WA
Population: 124,000
Unemployment: 5.8%
Pluses: Natural beauty, excellent schools, diversity
Minuses: Pricey real estate, rain

Overland Park, KS
Population: 175,000
: 5.3%
Pluses: Good schools, low cost of living
Minuses: Some job losses, not much excitement

Fishers, IN
Population: 69,000
Unemployment: 6.2%
Pluses: Very low crime, inexpensive homes
Minus: Short on charm

To each his own, and I guess the job market makes some of these places appealing, but to me, long cold winters are not where I want to live.

I've been drinking my coffee and reading blogs this morning, and seeing where all the fulltimers are at and all the wonderful adventures they are having, makes me want to sell this house and hit the road.  Since Margie won't come help paint, I guess I'd better get moving.  Time's a wasting!


  1. I agree - get that house on the market and get out here with us.

  2. Jim and Sandie....I'm trying, I'm trying.....

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog recently! we're not fulltimers ~ planning to leave on our summer adventure this coming Sunday! heading to northern WI and MN around Lake Superior. the blog might be more interesting then.... hope you get out on the road soon!!!

  4. We agree as well. When you are fulltiming you are always in the best place to live. If you don't like something or someone (ie neighbours in the campsite next to you), you just move to another place. Same if it's cold and rainy, or too hot and sunny. We love having a house on wheels!

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Hi Squeak and Mom!!! Thanks for dropping by our blog today. We look forward to catching up with you and maybe finding a few pictures of you and your brothers and sisters.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Opps Squeaky... we left a y off your name,
    Madi and Mom


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