Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catching Up

Al comes home tomorrow, so I decided to try and get some grass mowed before he got back. I have always enjoyed riding the mower and do most of the mowing on the rider.  I think he's afraid I am starting not like it anymore. :)    It certainly takes both of us to handle all this property.  I would rather be riding around outside on the mower than cleaning cabinets, painting, or sorting "stuff", but mowing can wait and I need to get these other things done.  Besides, as soon as I get it mowed, it just needs it again.  Why not save some gas and do it half as often? 

I have gotten all the kitchen cabinets straightened up.  I will need to unload some of my small appliances that won't fit in the motor home, but at least the cabinets are nice and neat.  After Al recuperates from his trip, I think we'll finish up the porch painting.  I have done pretty much all I can without having to stand on a ladder.  The higher parts will be his job.  We don't have much left though and I think we can whip it out pretty quickly, if we just focus!  The next project will be to work on the two spare bedrooms/junk room/office.  Of course while we're doing all that we will also have to be working on the yard.

We are going to try to take the Tennessee trip maybe in October.  It looks like it's around 500 miles.  It will depend on where we are on the house selling though.  I have been looking at routes.  I would like to have as little elevation as possible!  Yes, I know, I want to go to the mountains....I just don't want to drive the motor home up there!

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  1. Put your riding mower in your rig when you travel, then when you want to hit the town, you'll have transportation :) Who needs to tow a car behind an RV?

    Just thinking outside the box



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