Sunday, July 11, 2010

Same Ole, Same Ole

Yesterday was spent about the same as the past few days.  I worked on the painting project on the front porch and Al was back and forth between the gutter project and a multitude of other things.  It's just too hot to be on the roof for too long at a time.  He's having problems getting the gutter covers to fit and stay on properly. 

We really need to do some mowing, but if I start that project, then the painting suffers.  I decided to forget the mowing for a little while and concentrate on the painting.  Al is getting worried...he's afraid I am going to quit liking to mow!  With our commercial grade zero turn mower, I know I can get through the pasture, even if it's real high.  I would rather be riding that mower around than painting any day, but mowing always needs doing and once I finish this painting project, it will be done!!!  My goal is to finish as much of the painting as I can do while he is "on vacation" this week.  I am not climbing up on a ladder to reach the really high stuff, so Al will do that part.  I don't mind my scaffold, but I am not comfortable with heights.

My other project for this week is to work on the house inside.  Unfortunately it has suffered while we've been working on the painting projects outside. We're trying to get at the point where we can have the house ready enough to at least get it listed.  There is a lot of stuff that we can do after the fact, but we want to at least get it listed for now.  We don't expect a lot of lookers due to the rural area we are in and the housing market.

We are hoping once we get it listed, and make some good progress with weeding out our treasures/junk/stuff, we can take a little camping trip.  Of course we have no desire to go anywhere until it cools off a little.  When we lived in Tampa, our camping trips started in October and for the most part ended around May.  We would sometimes take a kayaking/camping trip to Silver River State Park in early June, but mostly we just did day trips during the hot summers.  It's the same here...too hot to camp!


  1. You guys are going through the non-fun part of rving. The getting ready to go. We were lucky, our son wants to buy the house from us "as is". Hope you get a break from the heat pretty soon.

  2. I know what you mean about being too hot up on the roof! I've had to quit my roof project for a few days until it cools down up here. Riding around on the mower isn't bad though!

  3. Hang in there. All that work will be worth it but I know how overwhelming it can seem. Hopefully you will get a break from the heat soon and that will make it all a little easier.

  4. OK I'm going to be selfish here, but I'm going to say a prayer for you to get cooler weather so you can speed up the process so you can get on the road. I'm so anxious to see the photos and read where you go that I just can't wait much longer. No, I'm not so anxious that I'm going to stop by and help you paint so don't ask!


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