Saturday, July 10, 2010

One Thing Leads to Another

We finished painting the ceiling on the front patio last night and were very pleased with ourselves.  However, we still have much more to do and we keep finding new projects we hadn't previously thought of.  It's very frustrating.  We were so tired last night I think once hit the bed we didn't stir all night long. 

Al was thrilled last night when he realized that on Sunday, he is "going on vacation."  He's celebrating..and frankly so am I, because when he goes on "vacation" so will I.  His vacation consists of going to Tampa to do his few remaining pest control customers.  He goes monthly and normally dreads it, but this time he's anxious to go.  I guess I've been working him too hard!

Part of the problem with working, is that it's so darned hot that everything you do is a chore.  It's actually cooler today, at only 93 degrees.  The humidity is very high.

Maybe it's the hot weather, or maybe it's just that I'd like to go diving, but I got to thinking about a wonderful dive trip we took a few years ago.  It was aboard the  Dolphin Dream.   It's a liveaboard dive boat.  It was called the Dream Two at the time.  We boarded in Riviera Beach, Florida and cruised the Bahamas for a few days.  It's a wonderful trip and I would sure like to go again.  It got very expensive since we went though.  They have a wonderful encounter with wild Dolphin and it was an amazing dive.  On their night dives they played music by Credence Clearwater Revival down to you while you were diving.  We had the pleasure of following an Octopus around watching him grab dinner from the holes in the reef, all the while changing colors constantly.  It was so much fun.....ahh, wish I was there instead of painting.....

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  1. Hurry up and finish painting..put the house up for sale..and then your dreams will come true!!!!!

    The Humidity is so high here..This is some weird weather East Tx is having!!

    Cindy and Walker


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