Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dirtiest House in the Country

It was thundering and raining yesterday so we had to stay inside.  Somehow we started watching the tv show, The Dirtiest House in America.  The premise of the show is that they find the dirtiest house (who would want that distinction, I don't know),  force the people that live there to let go of all their clutter, and then magically, come back and give them a clean and beautifully decorated house.   It is kind of interesting seeing the ways people justify keeping and collecting all their "stuff."    These houses are way beyond clutter, the one today was absolutely filthy and disgusting.  However, when they finished the house all is clean and beautiful.

After watching the hour long show, it got us motivated!  We went into the "stuff" room and made some tough choices.  One batch to the consignment shop, one to Goodwill and one to trash!  I guess we need to watch that show every week!

Nellie wrote in her blog that she was very happy on trash days.  We felt like that when we went through the moving process when we left Tampa.  We got trash pick up twice a week and about half the time one of our trash days fell on a holiday, so we missed it that week.  Here in the country, we have no trash pick up!  We have to haul our trash to the community dumpsters and it's kind of nice, because every day is trash day!  With our property off the highway, even if someone came to pick it up, we'd still have to haul it up to the road, so it's not really a problem.  Now of course Al may tell a different story, because it's his job to haul the trash :)

Al is feeling a little better today, but is still having some problems.  He has become sensitive to smells, dust, chemicals and cleaning products.  These kind of things bother his lungs.  I think he may have a sinus and respiratory infection.  He had some antibiotics (z-pack)  that he got last year so he took them.  He started to feel much better right away, but then yesterday he started going back down hill again.  I think he started doing too much and relapsed.  Anyway, we decided to look into an indoor air-purification system.  With the cats, we have lots of dander and dust from kitty litter.  Maybe this will help.  I did a lot of research and we ordered  this:  Rabbit Air MinusA2 Air Purifier SPA-780A - Pet Allergy (White)   I ordered it from Home Depot, so if we don't like it, it's returnable.  It was expensive, but since he's having lung issues, I think it might be a good thing.  Once we're living in the motor home, we'll be in closer contact with the cat dander and kitty litter dust, so hopefully it will help him.

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  1. Poor Al. Sounds like he did try to do too much too soon after being sick. If it is cat-related, he may have a real hard time living in close contact with cats in the MH.

    My Gelato photo looks "green" but it was actually a pale yellow and it was French Vanilla Bean. I sampled it and it tasted pretty good. I can't afford those prices - I'll stick with cheap ice cream.


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