Sunday, June 06, 2010

A few days ago I was reading some of the blogs I follow.  Most of them are written by full time rv'ers but a few are written by "wannabees."

This one had an interesting post that immediately caught my eye.
On The Road To Retirement

It is written by a guy who is researching the purchase of a Class A motorhome so that they can live full time in their RV.

They are going to retire in February, 2011.

He mentioned that he had listed their house on Zillow.  I was familiar with the old Zillow, where you could enter an address and find out the houses that sold in a nearby area.  It was helpful when we put our house in Tampa up for sale.

It appears that Zillow has changed some and now you can also list your house on the site.  There is a part where you can list it called, "Make me Move."  From what I read, you list it there for what you would like to get (when you are ready to sell) and if someone comes with an offer that will "make you move" early, then you have a deal!

Well, this couple listed (for FREE) their house under the "Make me Move" category and 3 months later, they got a call that someone wanted to come see the house.  Of course they needed a few days to "make it ready."

The bottom line is....they SOLD their house and closing is July 16th!

Their intention is to sell everything that won't fit into the motor home they DON'T have yet and hit the road when they retire early next year!  WOW....that is a lot do do!

We're not quite at that point yet, but we are considering doing a "make me move" listing on Zillow.   We're in a rural area in a small town,  but we're hoping to market to people that survived the winter and are looking at relocating south. 

It sure gives us something to think about!  I need to do more research on Zillow to  educate myself on their fees, etc.

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  1. Sounds like Zillow might be a good idea (i.e. Make Me Move). I have the Zillow app on my iPhone and it's pretty neat.

    Although we had our house up for sale, I wasn't really "ready" for it to be sold - still had things to repair, things to be sold/given away, etc. I tend to never be totally "ready", but when it suddenly sold it gave us that needed "push" to wind everything up and be done with it.


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