Thursday, June 24, 2010


Al and I have been talking about our options and were wondering if we could take some extended trips in the RV before we sell the house.  We may be able to find some shorter work camping jobs to keep the expenses down.  The benefits would be that we wouldn't have to wait for the house to sell before we can start exploring some places we've been wanting to go.  Even though we lived in Florida over 30 years, there are still a LOT of places we haven't been to, or explored enough...believe it or not.   If you have never lived in Florida, you can't imagine all that it has to offer.

Most of our time in Florida we were scuba divers, not rv'ers, so the kinds of places we went were different than the kinds of places we enjoy now.  We still intend to dive though and there are lots of places that offer both.   We have not explored the east coast of the state nearly enough.  Al wants to start at Jacksonville, and work his way down.  Sounds good to me.  We were thinking if we work camped, the cost of living in the rv would be about the same as if it was just parked here.  We may be able to save a little on the home a/c, but the other expenses would be about the same. We're not thinking of doing this for a while because for one, we're not ready to put the house on the market, and two, too much yard work to do this time of year.  BUT, some January, it may be a possibility...if we continue to get rid of STUFF!    Hummmm??


  1. Jacksonville has some beautiful beaches and a ton of state parks. I think that is a wonderful area to start!

  2. Great idea! OK, I'm being selfish here - I'm just anxious to see the photos of all the Florida places you will visit. Florida is still my favorite state - I'm a little homesick right now for beautiful Florida. Sadly, maybe you should hurry with your plans before all of the beaches get ruined by the oil spill.


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