Saturday, June 19, 2010

4 Sale-11 acres, Georgia


Well, we’re not quite ready to put the place up for sale, but I was on Google Earth today and was finally able to find our property.  I never could find it before. We’re in a very rural area and there aren’t a lot of landmarks.

I think we are going to post it on in the “Make Me Move” category.  You can post some photos and a Google Earth photo,  so I wanted to make sure I could locate our property.  I think as soon as we get some of the main stuff done, we’ll put it on Zillow just to see what happens. With the housing market the way it is, it may take a while.

It’s kind of cool to look at our place from this view. I can see our house, pool, garage, barn, pond, pasture, chicken coop, the motor home, well house and even the “hidey hole” (storm shelter). I was trying to find my clothes line, but can’t quite see it.  You can see the pasture area on the top of the screen.  What you can’t see is our private road through the woods on the left of the screen.  That is the road we use to enter the property most of the time.  The house is actually considered to be on the highway, but we are a good way off the road and have lots of privacy due to all the woods.  The road on the bottom of the picture is a gravel road that we use to take the motor home out.  The road in the woods is a little narrow and tree lined, so we  don’t use it for the motor home.

We are trying to do some work on the house and paint the porches but it’s been so darn hot, we can’t do it.  We did take another load the the consignment shop today.  We had sold some stuff that we brought a few weeks ago.  We made a whole $12, but of course I found something I wanted for $2.  At least we are ahead.

We came home from the consignment shop to find our big Sony Tv wasn’t working.  We had hoped it would last until we were ready to go full time, but today it had no picture.  We messed with it and still nothing.  Finally we changed the cables out to a new S-video cable and it worked again!!   We could have used a tv from the  “motor home”  but they are only 26 inches and that is a little small in the house.  We would have made do, but thankfully the Sony is working again.  I don’t really know what the problem was and really don’t care anymore :)

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  1. Just got a chance to look around on your blog and I love it! Good luck on your upcoming FT lifestyle! We're still newbies, but loving it so much already. Looks like you a lovely place in Georgia. My sis and brother in law have a place in Darien, not far from the shore and we want to visit there when we can.


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