Sunday, June 27, 2010

Visit From The Realtor

We had the Realtor who originally sold us the house come out Friday.  We liked her and she did a good job for us when we purchased the house, so we figured we'd probably use her to list the house when we get ready.  I explained to her that we weren't quite ready to list it, but just wanted an idea of what she thought it was worth now. It was idea to come out and look at the property.  She sold us the property, but was not the listing agent, so I wasn't sure she actually knew all she should know about our property.  After we talked a while, I gave her the golf cart tour of the entire property.  I wanted to make sure she knew exactly where our property lines were, that the pasture is fenced, where the out buildings are, that we have a storm shelter, etc.

She was all set to put the for sale sign up, but we explained (again) that we were not ready for that yet.  She left with some comps for previously sold houses in the area and a few more of ones that are currently listed.  The trouble is that here, we are in the country and there are no other properties that are really comparable. It's very different from when we listed our house in a subdivision in Tampa.

In some ways, I wonder if we should just go ahead and list it and continue to work to get it ready.  After all, what if our one buyer is out there, just looking for this type of property?  On the other hand, I don't want to scare off the one buyer with a house that isn't in as good of condition as it should be.  Plus, if a realtor called and said they had someone wanting to come look at the house tomorrow...I'd just panic.  No way am I ready for someone to look...everywhere!

It was stressful enough making everything presentable enough for the Realtor.  We tried to get everything all mowed, trimmed, and prettied up outside.  Inside, I basically cleaned and de-cluttered the surface areas.  The cupboards need work and the two other bedrooms are full of  "stuff".   We're trying to keep everything picked up and start living like we expect company :)  Boy, do I hate that!

So, I guess we are going to try to get some of the outside painting done and work on the two "junk" rooms and try to get it listed before the grass turns brown!

Al has been under the weather the past few days, so we haven't made much progress.


  1. I worried and worried that we wouldn't have everything "fixed", "cleaned", etc. for potential buyers. However, we put it up for sale anyway and assumed we would get everything "show ready" in time, but that didn't happen. It sold while it was totally cluttered from downsizing and garage sales going on in the garage, our son had about ruined our beautiful carpet in one room, and several things we intended to fix weren't done - and the buyer never asked for them to be fixed. I think if you are financially and mentally ready to become full-timers, then list it and see what happens. Not everyone is going to expect everything to be perfect. We didn't repaint anything - the new owner changed all our colors I heard. Just my two-cents worth.

    Sounds like you have a special property and I suspect that someone who wants that type property will buy it whether everything is perfect or not.

  2. Thanks Margie...that is something to think about. I'm afraid if we wait to list it until we have everything finished, we'll never get to that point! But I just have to clean up the junk room!

  3. I had a friend once that was selling his car, he wanted to get the best price for it so he spent every night after work until bedtime working on the car to make it as perfect as he could. After a month he had the car ready to sell, the only problem was it was the best the car had ever been and he couldn't bring himself to sell it.

  4. I put my house up just when I had done almost everything. I still do the odd thing to the house every once in a while, but overall it looks neat and ready to sell.
    I had alot to do (you can see in my blog).
    But well worth it, I believe I have valued the house by at least $30K by the renovations I did.
    Why not just "test" the market anyway and see if any bites happen?
    Worst case you tell the potential buyer that you intend to finish this and that before occupy.
    Just an idea?


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