Friday, June 25, 2010

The Long, Long Trailer

After a rather busy day, and a visit from a Realtor, we decided to watch the old 1954 movie,
The Long, Long Trailer.  I think most rv people have already seen it, but somehow we missed it.  I always “Loved Lucy” and this one is particularly funny.

Please tell me that when we get ready to travel out west that we won't have elevations to climb like they had in the movie?   Please tell me that was only a movie and a 12-14 % upgrade isn't like what they showed in the movie?   Please tell me the roads in the mountains are much wider??

Remember, we're Floridians where the highest elevation anywhere in the state is 345 feet!   As much as we want to head west, we have to admit we're a little (lot) intimidated by the thought of driving in mountains. 

It's been a long day...more tomorrow about today's  visit from the Realtor.  We need time to digest things.


  1. love that movie!!

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Kevin and I have wanted to see that movie as well. Now that you have reminded us will will put it on our movie list (like netflix).

    Practice the mountain roads by going on the Blue Ridge Parkway first. It will give you some experience on smaller mountain roads first and is a beautiful drive, that is close enough to you.

    Kevin and Ruth


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