Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting Rid of Stuff

I spent some time yesterday posting a few items on Craig's List and E-bay. I posted a few camping items last week and someone wants to come look at our camping stove today.  I just need to keep at this, it's a slow process, but I guess one by one, I'll get rid of my "stuff."  I keep listening to the George Carlin  video, and it cracks me up each time.  Thanks Nellie for sharing.  I reposted it here because I loved it so much.

I ordered my extra Tire Pressure Sensors on Wednesday and they were in my mailbox on Friday!  How fast was that?  No tax or shipping charges either!  If you are looking for a Tire Pressure Monitoring system, I would recommend  Truck System Technology.  I am not affiliated with them in any way, but we have been real happy with our system.  Today, we will need to put the other 4 sensors on. The ones on the inside dual tires, will be a little trickier.

Al got back in town last night and we took a ride around the property on the golf cart.  The heat was so stifling hot that even the breeze we got from the golf cart movement, didn't help.  We came in soaked with sweat and miserably hot. It was 95 at 7pm and the humidity is over 90%.  It's been like this the past few days.  I didn't even do any mowing yesterday, which is rare for me.

I think we will go pick some more blueberries today and have breakfast out and then the rest of the day may be devoted to reading Rv blogs, and watching movies!  I don't even want to plan a camping trip, because it's even too hot for that...unless we went north!


  1. Karen..why are you getting rid of your camping stove?
    The heat is bad here also..and the humidity is the worse it's been in years.
    This makes for those bad kind of tropical storms!! Yuck.

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Cindy,
    We're getting rid of the stove because it was made for our old pop-up trailer. It attached to the side. We kept it when we sold the pop-up. We have never used it since, and...something has to go. For years we've debated on whether or not to keep it..and now you've gotten me wondering again :) It is real nice.

    Ok...I think I'll keep it :)

  3. Good luck on your journey toward full-timing! Getting rid of stuff one at a time will make it a long journey. How 'bout diggin a big hole in the far corner of your acreage, bullodoze it all in and cover it up? No? I didn't think so. Big yard sales help if you're in a hurry, selling one by one will get you more $$, but takes a lot of time.

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