Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

We anticipated another hot humid day, so we decided to go for a morning kayak trip.

Since we store the kayaks right on the dock in front of the RV, it is an easy and quick launch.  Here are the kayaks on the dock, with the motor home in the background.


We so enjoy our morning coffee hours here with the beautiful view,  open windows and cool sea breezes, that it’s hard to get motivated to get up and head outside!

We finally got going, but were worried that we had dallied too long and that it would be too hot on the water.   Fortunately there was enough sea breeze that we had a very pleasant paddle.

We planned on making it a short trip, but ended up going quite a distance over a couple of hours.  It was a slack tide so paddling was easy….at least until we headed home and the tide started going back out :)

Some photos from our morning paddle.



All the houses here are up on stilts.



The water is all of 3 feet deep!


How do you like my pink beach shoes?




After we came in from our paddle, we hung out inside, read and watched tv, and I might have had a short nap :)

Our plan was to go to “The Hot Dog Stand” for a late lunch.  After hearing about the owners struggles making a go of the restaurant while struggling with breast cancer, we decided we needed to give her our support. 

Unfortunately about the time we were going to leave, it started to thunder and the sky got very dark.  I am a big coward when it comes to storms, plus we aren’t sure we have solved the leak problems we have when our slides are out.  We left the LR slide out and it didn’t leak…that’s twice it rained and no leaks were found….maybe we have it fixed?  The Bedroom slide still leaked on the last rain…I think I over “goobered” it, so I removed some silicone.  We didn’t really test it yesterday though, because we pulled  it in before the rain started.  We did find a dribble around the rear window.  I guess we need to re-caulk it.   With a RV, it’s always something.

We waited for the storms to pass and it was about 4:30 before we got out.  We both decided on bacon cheese burgers and fries.  They were VERY good!  They were out of grouper due to a very busy week-end, hence the burgers!

We went outside for a short walk.  The beach area here is surrounded by marshes, which are very pretty.  It reminds me of the marshes in Savannah.


The low tide was very low tonight.  See how shallow it is?  Those rock pile things are actually oyster beds and scallop shells.



The sunset was blocked by clouds last night, but I was able to get a few shots…of course :).



Today is our last full day here :(


  1. Karen, love your posts and pics - the ones of you two kayaking sure do remind me of when we're kayaking at our DE cottage. We can't wait - hopefully by the end of next week, we'll be in DE doing that, too! Take care and keep having fun!
    Connie in PA

  2. Connie,
    Glad to hear from you! How did your visit go from your ex-exchange student?

    Have fun in Delaware kayaking..hope it's cooler there!

  3. Karen,
    Oh, their visit was awesome! Only thing was, it went way too fast. We had a great time with Hilton, his wife, and daughter. They sure surprised the heck out of their son, Victor, who is presently staying with us as an exchange student.

    Had to laugh, the three of them came with two suitcases but left with seven! They shopped here and in NYC on their way back home.

    Victor is anxious to go to DE with us next week after graduation. In July, he'll go on a two week tour of western USA before heading home to Brazil.

    Hosting Rotary exchange students has been a gratifying experience for us but when they leave, it just tears your heart out!

  4. Oh your morning paddle sure turned into a nice outing! I love the pics you have been sharing from this area and it's a for sure on our list for the future.

    Thanks for taking the time to share!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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