Saturday, May 08, 2010

Interesting post-check it out

I just read an interesting post from May 8th,  at Rick & Paulette's RV Travels  website. It's concerning a new? Rv website called RV There Yet, that lists RV travel blogs.  It sounds good at first until you realize, if you link to it, people will be able to read your blog without going to your site.  Any adsense revenue would go to them, not you.  I hadn't heard of it before today, so am not linked there, but I noticed a few other blogs I am familiar with that are there.  I have noticed a few blogs I recognize listed there. 

Nothing much going on here today.  We are trying to work out another trip, but haven't nailed anything down yet.  We have always camped at state parks and preferred them to RV parks, but now we're getting spoiled having sewer connections.  Also at Old Pavillion Rv Park, their Wifi was real nice as we could stream Netflix movies through our Roku!  We have gotten hooked on the tv series,  Friday Night Lights.   It was nice with the Wifi, to be able to watch it.  If you haven't ever seen the series, rent the first season and watch it.  It's a great family show.  It's about a small town in Texas that is crazy for their high school football team.  It has a lot of different story lines going and the actors are all wonderful.  It has enough football to keep Al interested and not too much to bore me!  It's a GREAT series, but evidently has struggled in the ratings, probably due to the fact that is aired on Friday night!

We did go and buy a little 19 inch Phillips LCD TV at Walmart yesterday.  We (can always justify) now have the main one mounted where it belongs, so until we hit the road, we have no decent TV for the bedroom.  We don't watch much TV there, but I do like to turn it on a few minutes before I go to sleep.  Anyway, we figured once we go on the road, it would make a good outside TV.   I know, it's a big much having 3 TV's in a 32 foot rig....but we wanted it :)  And it was on sale!

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