Friday, May 14, 2010

Temporary Work Camping Gigs available?

I have been trying to find out if it is possible to get a short term (week or so) work camping job.  I have had several calls from Florida State Parks, but they want at least a one month commitment.

I applied for a position at Kolomoki Mounds State near us, but haven't heard back from them.  The Georgia State Parks website indicates they are looking for a campground host.   I haven't called them yet, because I'm not sure exactly when or where we want to go.  Al is coming home from Tampa today, so we can make some plans.  He may want a few days at home before we head out.

I want to do a short trip with all the cats, but we need to be close to home....just in case we can't handle them all in the MH.  We had 5 of the little darlings  with us at Keaton Beach and they were as good as gold.  We actually enjoyed having them with us and watching them looking at the new sights from the windows of the MH.

If we leave them home, then someone has to come check on them and I worry, plus it costs money.  If they are with us, I know they are okay and it's cheaper.   Although they are getting older, and Miss Socks is pushing 20 years old,  they are in good health.  If we wait for them to pass away, we won't be camping or fulltiming anytime soon.  It's our fault that we're in this predicament,  taking in all these strays, but we couldn't help it and we do love them.

With hurricane season starting in 2 weeks, and the oil spill, I want to get something in the works soon.  I was also looking at the Pensacola area.  We have been wanting to go see the Blue Angels.  They have no shows close by until July, but I have heard that from Pensacola Beach, you can watch them practice when they are in town.   I love to watch them and also the Air Force Thunderbirds.  

Anyway, hopefully we can go somewhere soon...somewhere cheap!

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