Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Returned Home

We sure hated to leave, but decided we'd better get home.

We loaded up and left on Monday.   We had initially planned on hanging around most of the day, but there were some storms coming and we didn't want to have to drive in the rain.  We ended up with a little drizzle and some wind, but no real rain.

When we got home and exited the motorhome, we were treated to a wonderful fragrance!  It came from some bushes that grow wild in the woods that almost completely surround our property.  We're not sure exactly what is is, but it has a wonderful sweet fragrance.  What a welcome home!   Of course we still miss the beautiful view and ocean breeze we enjoyed at Keaton Beach!  Here is a photo I took.  Does anyone know what it is called?  It grows wild and is a large bush.

We got a call from Rocky Bayou State Park offering us a work camping job.  Sure wish we were in a position to accept it.  We enjoyed our 6 days at Keaton Beach so much and the cats adapted very well.  We think we could actually get into the fulltiming lifestyle :)

We did find that we have too much unnecessary stuff in the motorhome.  I decided the few knick knacks that we have, need to go.  If it's not functional, why have it?  Also, we tend to collect magazines and why do we need 6 coffee mugs?  Some more housecleaning is needed!  We also have way too many blankets and throws!

Today, I think we are going to (finally) attempt our LCD tv install.  We have been procrastinating a while because we weren't sure exactly how to install it.  After seeing the other MH just like ours and checking out their LCD tv install, we think we know what we need to do.  Al and I aren't very "handy", so we have to really think about things!  The tv and Tivo box have been sitting on the kitchen table, and I'm getting real tired of it there...takes too much space!   Hopefully, we'll have some pictures to post tomorrow!


  1. Welcome Home! Does the mattress still get a high rating? I wonder what fragrance you were smelling? Could it be wild lavender?

    Cindy and Walker

  2. Yes Cindy, the mattress still rates a "10" We slept so good on it with the windows open and the sea breeze blowing in :)

    I don't think the fragrance is wild lavender. I've not heard of it growing here. The flowers are tiny, and lots of them and white in color.

    It sure smells good, whatever it is. I took a picture, I'll post it later.

  3. Could the bushes be honeysuckle? TN has tons of that and it has a very sweet smell.

    I do find I need about 6 coffee mugs, ha ha. But not the "decor" stuff sitting around - takes up too much open space and I always had to be packing it away on travel days. OK - I'm lazy - but it's what works for me.

    Are you putting the house up for sale so you can full-time?

  4. Margie,

    Nope, it's not Honeysuckle but the sweet smell is similar. I'm putting a photo on the post now, so maybe someone can id it. It grows wild here all over. It's a large bush type plant with small white flowers.

    We're not putting house on the market yet. We aren't quite ready to give up our beautiful property. This was initially to be our "halfway house"...half way to fulltiming and we had a 5 year time frame...we're almost at 4 years maybe that will be when we are ready. In the meantime, we're (slowly) trying to get rid of "stuff" and get ready. Things can change anytime though and we may decide to sell sooner..of course that would require we get motivated!


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