Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Humidity, Heat, and Rednecks

We got loaded up and left the house around 10am, and arrived at Keaton Beach a little after noon.

Our nice cool breeze from last time changed into a warm and humid breeze.  We are so disappointed.  The last time we were here, we didn’t need the air-conditioning due to the cool ocean breezes.  Unfortunately that’s not the case this time, and both  a/c’s have been running since we got here.  It’s sure nice to have a generator.  We ran the air with the generator while we were getting set up.  It was just too hot to let the place get heated up inside.  We also need to put on our front window screen, but we have to wash the bugs off first and it’s just been too hot!  We’re hoping for a few clouds and a change in temperature for tomorrow.

We walked across the street to the convenience shop and Al almost got his butt kicked by a big, young redneck. 

This guy was turning into the convenience store with his poor black Lab in the back of his pick up truck.  As he turned the corner, the poor dog fell right out of the truck.  Of course that upset both of us. Labs have problems with their hips anyway and the poor dog landed right on his hip  He got up and was limping, but I feel sure he will be hurting more by tomorrow.  Anyway, we basically told the guy he was an idiot and he took offense to that (imagine that), and he and Al almost came to blows.  Of course this guy was half Al’s age and twice as big, so that wouldn’t have ended well.  Al and I were both so upset that this idiot didn’t care enough about his poor dog to secure him while he was riding.  He said it was the dogs fault for falling out of the truck. 

It’s hot but we still have a million dollar view!


  1. How awful!

    One time we were following a pickup truck with a small puppy in back, and it fell out doing about 40mph! We picked it up, the guy never knew he lost it! We called the local cops with our cell phone and by the time they met us at the main intersection in town, along comes the dimwit in his truck! He was laughing! That was it, there was NO way he was getting back that puppy the cop said. Issued him a ticket and asked us if we wanted the pup. We had to decline but he said he knew of a good home for it and the pup got put in the squad car! What a night!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. There really are a lot of idiots..and they don't all drive pick-up trucks. When I first moved to TN a well-educated woman I worked with mentioned they took their dogs to the vet in the trunk. I asked her why they ust didn't ride inside with them beccause there could be fumes in the trunk and the heat would be horrible. She looked at me like I had lost my mind for letting my dogs ride inside with me.

    I'm glad the idiot didn't beat up Al.


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