Sunday, May 02, 2010

Taking it Easy

Yesterday (Saturday) there was a big fishing tournament across the street.  There were lots of prizes, including a $3000 cash prize, and several smaller cash prizes.  It drew a lot of fisherman.  Our sleepy little town suddenly changed!  The rv park is completely full and many of the week-enders have arrived.

At the marina across the street, they have an unusual way to launch boats.  They have a large machine that has two straps on it.  A boat comes in on it’s trailer and and they put straps under it, then pick the boat up off the trailer and put it into the water.  They remove the boat from the water the same way. I wondered what it cost to have them launch your boat for you. It was kind of interesting to watch.  When we used to keep our big boat at the marina in Tarpon Springs, Florida, they used a forklift to lift the boat in and out of the water.



We went for our morning walk and searched for a few Geo-caches.  We found one, but could not find the other one that was supposed to be at the cell tower.  We’re not having good luck finding any treasure on Keaton Beach!

This is where we found one cache.


Check out the little container on the back of the sign.  Can you see it?  That’s what you may be looking for.


Here are a few scenery photos I took on our Geo-Cache walk.




and of course, more kitty pictures. 



We bought two $5 tickets for a chance to win a nice Carolina Skiff boat, motor and trailer.  They had the drawing after the fish weigh-in, but we didn’t win it, unfortunately!

Yesterday was the warmest day we’ve had so far and we almost turned on the AC.  We’ve resisted that because it’s so nice to just have the windows open and get the wonderful sea breeze. 

We didn’t do too much yesterday, partly because of the heat and partly because of the crowds.  We decided to extend our stay another night (again).  Every time it gets closer to time to leave, we find the need to extend our stay.  We could easily spend a month or more here!

Sunset wasn’t great last night due to a layer of clouds right over the horizon which blocked the sun when it went down.  This is the best I could get.


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