Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trip Delayed

We had a pretty good thunderstorm yesterday afternoon, so we weren’t able to load up the kayaks or finish getting the motorhome ready for our trip.

Rain had been predicted today, so we just decided to postpone until Tuesday.

The Florida summertime pattern appears to be starting a little early with afternoon thunderstorms.

We’re trying to figure out how we are going to get two of our wild-ish kitties “packed.”  We make them travel in cat carriers, but two them are a little too wild just to pick up and put into the carrier.  This is to be their first trip.  God willing!  They have traveled in the motorhome once, when we moved them from Tampa, but it was a battle!

Al set two cages out and put some catnip in them.  Within 5 minutes both wild kitties went into a cage!  It would have been so easy (I think) to just have shut the door behind them…..but since we aren’t leaving until the morning, we couldn’t leave them locked in the cage all night.  Hopefully they will get comfortable with the cages and go into them in the morning :)    Yeah, right!

I stumbled on an interesting tv show today.  We have a Tivo DVR and I have it set up to record any programs having to do with rv’ing.

Anyway, it recorded the Tori Spelling reality show.  She was the little rich daughter of the movie mogul Aaron Spelling.  Evidently she and her husband have a reality show.  I had never watched it, but on this particular episode, they decided to rent an Rv to make a cross country trip to see a friend in Atlanta and of course that got my intention.

Their intention was to camp along the way, but I don’t think they really had any idea what that meant.  They packed  SUITCASES, to put in the RV!  They drove along the interstate, stopping in little tourist traps and then when they would get tired, they were too far from their intended destination, so they would pull into a 5 star hotel!  They had their two adorable little kids with them.  It would have been so much nicer if they would have actually gotten to a campground! 

Al just came inside with a bucket full of potatoes from his garden.  He thinks he may get some fried potatoes for breakfast!  He also picked a colander full of snow and sugar snap peas! Yummm

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  1. I have been watching Tori and Dean for the last 4 years..Then we let cable go. They do not live the normal life that is for sure!!

    MMMM new potatoes..my favorite. We missed planting these this year.The squash is coming in..and if I can find my rubber boots..I need to pick green beans.

    Have a great day..Cindy and Walker


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