Wednesday, May 05, 2010

LCD TV Installed in Motorhome

We finally got our 26 inch Panasonic TV installed in the motorhome.

We bought the bracket a few months back and I had researched on some RV Forums to see how others installed theirs.  The ones I looked at didn't have quite the same set up as we did and we weren't sure exactly how to handle the angled installation that we have.  We were also second guessing our choice of brackets.

After looking at an installation in another MH, identical to ours, we knew we were on the right track and it motivated us to get it done.  They even had the exact same bracket we had!  

Our old TV was a 20 inch and the new one is 26 inch, so it is quite a bit wider.

Here is the empty space after the old TV was removed.  You can see the angle the old TV was sitting at.

We weren't sure whether to mount the bracket straight up or at the same angle the outside trim piece is.
The wood inside the box is  good solid  thick Oak,  so Al felt it was strong enough to work with.

He got a piece of  Oak that is at least 1/2 inch thick about 9 inches deep.  He cut it so that it wedged in tightly in the open space angled the same as the outside.  He then used the 4 angle brackets to secure it.  The following is a picture of that step.  The wood is wedged in there so tight, that even if the angle brackets came out, the wood should stay put.  We wanted to mount it high enough so that it didn't hit the ceiling but still leave room at the bottom in case we could mount the Tivo box.

The next step was to secure the bracket to the piece of wood.  He used some heavy duty bolts that went through the wood and he put nuts on the back to secure them.

Then he just had to mount the two arm attachments to the back of the TV and  hook the TV to the bracket on the piece of wood.  Here is a picture of the box of the  mounting bracket we bought. It is Sanus brand, and came from Walmart.  I think it was around $79.  We could have found it cheaper online, but were unsure if this was going to be the right bracket and wanted to be able to easily return it.

Here is the finished product.

We think that we can put the Tivo box right on the shelf under the TV and the remote will still work.  We are still deciding on how to secure it a little better for travel, but I don't think it will come down while we are parked.  It tilts down for easier viewing.

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  1. Cool! The TV looks great - you are really going to enjoy it. Good job.


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