Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day and Memories of the Military

Today is the day to remember and Honor our military, past and present.  They do such an amazing and difficult job.  The military families also should be remembered as they also are serving their country and can be in some difficult situations.

Al and I both came from a military family, as both of our fathers retired from the Air Force. We both lived on Air Force Bases which is just a little different than living near a base.    Just wish we could use the military "Fam Camps!"  

Al and I met during the height of the Viet Nam war, on the tiny island of Guam.  For those of you who don't know where Guam is, you head towards Hawaii.....and keep going!  We lived on Anderson Air Force Base on Guam and daily we would see B-52 aircraft loaded with bombs heading off to Viet Nam.  We also frequently saw trucks loaded with bombs.  The Island was small but it was LOADED with  young military men.  There was one air force base and 3 navy bases on the island.    There weren't so many women serving at that time.

Years later I started working for USAA Insurance, which proudly serves  active duty and retired military.  They have recently started to include all military that have been honorably discharged.  Military service also included,  FBI, Secret Service and foreign service members.  We served some very high ranking military people to include many presidents.  I was lucky enough one time to actually speak to General Westmoreland!  He was the guy in charge back in the Viet Nam era!  I remembered seeing him on Tv all the time, back in the day.  Of course he had long since retired when I spoke to him, but it was still an honor to be able to help him with a claim.

I would frequently get a call from a young soldier that had a claim to report and needed things resolved ASAP because he was being deployed to Iraq, or was going "in the field," and would be out of pocket for a while.  It was interesting talking to these young people.  Most of them were ultra polite.   Occasionally, I would get a call from someone in Iraq or Afghanistan, or Pakistan.  I remember talking to an FBI agent one time that was in Pakistan, right after the journalist Danny Pearl was beheaded.  I sure would have liked to have asked what his duty there was. It was difficult trying to help someone with a claim while they were so far away, but sometimes they just needed some questions answered. 

Anyway, today being Memorial Day got me to thinking about all the military people I have known and dealt with over the years, and especially both of our fathers, who are now deceased. 

Pray for our military members and their family's who are serving their country right now.

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