Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cancel the Motivation

I got some good feedback regarding my previous post about lack of motivation to start our fulltiming lifestyle. 

I think our main problem  is because we are so happy here in our beautiful place in the country.  We're not happy here forever, but for now, we certainly enjoy it.   We're certain we want to go full time, but we don't feel the sense of urgency that we felt before we left Tampa.

When we sold our house in Tampa, we never looked back.  I think when we leave Georgia, we will miss this place.  It's just so beautiful.  Every window I look out, I see something pretty.  We enjoy just walking or riding the golf cart around the place and looking at all the beautiful flowers, plants and birds.  It's truly a wildlife refuge!   When we found this place, we felt we had bought the perfect campsite.  It had everything we always looked for in a campsite....and more.   We have wished we could move this piece of property somewhere in central Florida!  Of course there are things we don't like, and the main one being the fact that we're just too far from the beach or any good kayaking places.  In Tampa, we could get to numerous places in just a short time....beaches, woods, rivers. 

One of the comments I received from the last post  said if we put too much pressure on ourselves or  have too many deadlines, then it becomes work.  Life is too short, and yes we can take shorter camping trips for now and full time when we get ready.  I think the time is coming, but maybe not this year. 

In the meantime, we will continue fixing up the motorhome for fulltiming, and work on the house to prepare it for sale.  We have LOTS of stuff to get rid of and that alone is a daunting job.  Of course we do work better under pressure, so we may not get anything done until we get some pressure!

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  1. Jim (PalmsRV) is so right. Don't make it "work". You will know when the time is right...and it may become hectic as the final days approach, but you will get through it. If it feels right to enjoy where you are, then that is where you need to be right now. In our case we were very ready to be out of our house. Now if we could just get traveling....


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