Sunday, May 30, 2010

Update on Dolly Parton and Medium

After all the problems we had getting Dolly and Medium out of the motorhome and back into the house, the little darlings settled right back in and acted like nothing ever happened!

Of course we are still PO'd at them because of the way they behaved.  After all, we've had them more than 8 years,  and you'd think by now they'd know we aren't going to hurt them.

Medium lets me pet him when I walk by and Dolly has been sleeping in the bed.  She comes up to us wanting a rub!  What's that all about?  When we were trying to get them out of the motorhome, they acted like we were going to kill them!  The little stinkers!

I guess I should be happy they have settled back into their old routine, because sooner or later, we will be hauling them back into the motorhome for another trip!

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