Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cool Morning Breezes

We were finally able to turn off the a/c last night and get some cooler breezes into the motorhome.   We just hate having to close all the windows and run the noisy a/c all the time, especially here at the beach.  Yesterday was just so hot and humid that even with the seabreeze, it was still miserable.

We slept with the windows open but I almost turned the a/c back on a few times.  It wasn’t quite as cool as we would have liked it. 

This morning it’s still cool and there are nice ocean breezes coming into the motorhome.  The kitties are all enjoying the nice breeze and watching the seagulls and Pelicans.

Al went for a sunset kayak paddle last night.  There were some storm clouds on the horizon, but we didn’t see any lightning. 


I was able to get a few sunset photos, but there was a layer of clouds blocking the final sun setting into the water.  It was still very pretty .

On the picture below, if you look real closely, you can see Al in his kayak.  He’s in the middle of the frame right below the horizon.  It looks like he’s a long way out, which he is, but the water is probably 3 feet deep!






We haven’t decided what we will do today.  Right now we’re just enjoying the cool air and beautiful view, while drinking our coffee and watching Fox News.  It’s nice to camp with all the comforts of home :)


  1. Wow.. those are some great sunset shots! Loved the one with the front of the motorhome in it. Added the sense of being an RVer and free and out on the road and enjoying the world. Thanks for sharing!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. That is a neat silhoutee of Al on the water!!

    I love to smell the ocean and hear the birds!! LUCKY!!lol

    Cindy and Walker

  3. Where are you camping in the picture of the motor home near the water? Is it a campground? You can email me at Thanks! Susan & Sam


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