Friday, May 07, 2010

London Bus - Rv

We were at a Walmart the other day and saw a big red bus type vehicle towing a large white enclosed trailer.  Of course we had to go over and check it out.  The writing on the side said that it was a London Bus.  The license plates were foreign. We saw no signs of any people and never could figure out how it got to south Georgia!

Yesterday, while at a different Walmart, we saw it again, but this time there was a young man exiting.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find out what this bus was doing here.  He confirmed it is a real London bus that was converted to an RV.  It was shipped from London to Brunswick.  I never did ask which Brunswick he was talking about.  There is a Brunswick, Georgia which is on the coast.  I assumed that was what he meant but Al mentioned there is a Brunswick, Nova Scotia.  Anyway, there initially were 4 of them traveling around the US in their converted RV.  Two of them had to fly back home to their jobs. 

Their was NO air conditioning!  It was 90 degrees yesterday, muggy and hot.  They were suffering.  I suggested they head to the coast for the sea breezes.  He said they were heading towards Jacksonville, then down to the Cape for the next shuttle launch.  I sure hope it goes up on schedule so that they can see it.  After the launch, they plan to head straight north for cooler weather.

Right now, they are having mechanical problems. They need a new water pump and there are NONE in the states that would fit it!  They had to have it shipped from England.  They are trying to drive a little, stop, add water, then drive some more. 

We felt so sorry for them because of the heat.  We told them they could park at our place if they liked, but they were heading on.

I didn’t have my camera with me either of the two days I saw them, but here is a picture I found on the internet.  Their Rv bus had white “curtains” around all the windows and no black writing, but it was the same otherwise.


Oh yeah, inside the white covered trailer?  It was a black London CAB!  We didn’t get to see it, unfortunately.


  1. That would of been neat to see.

    Cindy and Walker

  2. What a cool looking RV ... .love those bus conversions!

    Karen and Steve

  3. Cool. That must have been a sight to see.


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