Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Need Some Motivation

We aren't sure exactly when we will start our fulltiming life, but we do intend get rid of excess "stuff" and work towards getting the house ready for sale.

The problem is:  lack of motivation!  We always seem to find something else we prefer to do and not what we should be doing.  We thought a camping trip (or two) might help to provide some incentive.  That didn't seem to work, except for some projects we did in readying the motorhome for our travels.

Al has headed back to Tampa for a few days, so I am determined to box up more stuff for Good Will.  A garage sale when you live in the country, just seems a little pointless, but maybe we should still try one to see how much traffic we get. The only thing is, we are kind of hidden and we're not sure we want to be found!  Is it worth it for a few hundred dollars (maybe) or would our time be better spent elsewhere?  Of course we have a lot of  "good" stuff that we won't just give to Good Will.  I have been slowly selling some of that on Craig's List and E-Bay.  We have had pretty good luck with E-Bay, but it's kind of a pain.  It takes longer to post an ad than on Craig's List and then you have to box it up and mail it.  

Another problem is that the weather has been so nice and we much prefer being outside, and of course there is a lot of yard work to do.  Once it gets a little hotter, maybe those hot afternoons will bring us inside to start sorting and tossing stuff/junk.  Of course those hot afternoons are the perfect time for a nap:)


  1. No on garage sale..that is my advice..the Sunday after our 1 and only garage sale..some guys dropped in to rob our shop..surprise..we weren't home..but my son was..and he met them with a gun..yikes..they freaked and backed out of the driveway quite quickly..when he called us..we remembered the truck being at the garage sale..never again. Just my advice..( remember the bird talk..? lol) just saying..

    Cindy and Walker

  2. okay Cindy...I believe you, after all you WERE right about the birds.

    Al was kind of thinking along those lines as well, and after hearing about what happened to you..we will probably skip the garage sale. It's not the same here in the country as it was when we left Tampa. Thanks for the advice!

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  4. I know for us it was hard to get much done unless we had a deadline. Even after we picked up our 5th wheel this spring we moved what we really needed in and then just played in it until suddenly we realized we only had a month to be totally out of our apartment and down to what we are taking with us. Now we are almost done but unless I am under pressure I'm just not motivated for stuff like that. Once you make those big deadlines I'm sure you will get into the spirit of it just remember every little bit you do now will help.

  5. Don't rush it, take your time and enjoy what your doing. If you set a deadline for everything then you're WORKING and that's never fun.
    You've got the rig all set and can take off for a week, a month or longer whenever you want so just relax and let everything run it's course. If you rush yourself into full timing you might start to feel as if it was forced upon you and not enjoy it like you should.
    Now grab your drink of choice, kick of the shoes, sit back and relax.


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