Monday, January 16, 2012

Warming Trend

Zephyrhills, Florida

Our cold front is about over and temps are going to be back to the mid to upper 70’s. 

It would be a great week to do some kayaking on the Hillsborough River, but Al has some pest control accounts to do, so that’s out for a few days.

We’re in the “thinking” stages of some changes to the motorhome.  I bought some of those new glass tile sheets to use as a backsplash in the main bathroom.  I just wanted to add a few personal touches and I thought this would be a cheap and easy way.  Here is a picture (not a good one) that is similar to what I bought.

Shop American Olean 12  x 12  Delfino Galaxy Glass Wall Tile at

It’s a lot prettier than it shows in the picture.  When I get them installed, I’ll take some good pictures.

Another project we’re considering,  is to replace the carpeting in the living and bedroom area.  We always knew the carpet would come out before too long.  The middle part of the motorhome has a very nice shiny marble tile that we love.  I’m not replacing it, so I’ll need something with a wood look so that it matches.  We have plenty of carrying capacity, so the weight isn’t an issue.  We could use real wood, or a laminate, but I’m concerned with any water issues.  When we bring in our slides if it has rained, they seem to collect water and invariably some runs inside.  What we’ll probably use is the new Allure vinyl strips.  They have a new style that doesn’t have the glue strips.  The new Allure attaches with a lock mechanism. 

We replaced the carpeting in the old motor home with Allure and were happy with it.  It’s a lot of work though and I’m not sure we’re up to it. 

So…..we’re still in the thinking mode.   Al worries when I start getting in the “thinking mode”…..he knows it can be dangerous.  This would be a good time to start a project though, since we’re staying put for 2 1/2 months.


Baxter got a new toy the other day…and boy did he like it!


He has always loved playing in bowls, but he keeps outgrowing them.  He has his own set of bowls!

He’s doing fine since we changed his food.  For some reason the other food seemed to make him sick. 

He’s growing like a weed.  He is only 5 1/2 months old and already weighs 8 1/2 pounds.  I am very afraid he will end up looking like this.


Maine Coon Cats – Bigger Than Dogs « The Pinetar Rag

We’ll  have to get a much bigger bowl!


  1. better a bigger bowl than a bigger bus!!!

  2. I had been wondering how Baxter was doing - cute photo. He looks like a little devil. Thanks again for the Thousand Trails info. Josh should be calling sometime today. The biggest thanks is for you reminding me to cancel last year's contract so it wouldn't automatically renew. I think I was just a few days away from that happening.

  3. Will be interested in how your remodeling goes. We would like to get rid of our carpet. (dogs)

  4. yes the cold front is moving on thankfully...baxter is a cutie...anxious to see how your renos turn out...we want to remove our carpets too...have a super week

  5. Baxter is such a cutie! I wish he and Mombi could play... she'd keep him busy romping around!!! Cats just love to get inside of things!

    We hate our carpet in the MH also, but I don't think it's anything we would ever attempt to replace ourselves!! I applaud you two for your own improvements!! Step by step photo's would be a great bonus, but a pain for you I know!

    Happy thinkin'!!

  6. Kids like boxes better than toys, who would have thought bowls for cats. I love the look of glass tiles, I think that will make a great backsplash. We did a faux tile treatment behind the stove and it is just nice to add some personal touches. Our weather is warming up too, love it!

  7. Baxter is SO cute! Love him in the bowls. But that will have to be a 50 gal bucket if he gets that big. LOL

    I actually like the carpet in Winnona but haven't found a way to get and keep it clean. I like the light color because it makes the coach seem light but it's a bear to keep it clean. Maybe we should try replacing it ourselves. We do a lot of our own work but hve never thought of carpet replacement.

    Or MAYBE we should just get some better cleaning products. LOL

    I think today is our final kayak at Hillsborough River wish you could come over. I'm going to look into where you are staying. 2.5 months in one place sounds like a great idea about now.

  8. Now that is a BIG cat!! Love his pic in the bowl. So cute!!

  9. Oh look at that widdle puddy face. I want to kiss it.

  10. Baxter is one handsome fella. Cute picture. But where did you find the picture of that other guy? What a huge cat...


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