Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thousand Trails Special Deal!

Zephyrhills, Florida

We  headed over to the Tampa Rv Supershow yesterday.  

Our main goal was to see if we could score any free camping sites and get another great deal with Thousand Trails. 

It seemed that fewer resorts were giving out free camping this year.  Sad smile

We didn’t look at many rv’s…since we found our dream rv just a few months ago.  We did look at a few of the new Newmar King Air’s, which is their new top of the line diesel pusher.  I usually don’t care much for most of the high end coaches because they all seem over the top on décor for my taste, and this one was no exception.   It was a beauty though.

The main thing we wanted to do was go to the Thousand Trails booth to see if we could get the same deal we got last year…..and we did. 

If you are interested in all the details and are considering a camping membership read on.  If not, it will be boring.  SmileThis is the membership that got us two weeks in the Florida Keys, in the winter for $42.00!


Here is the deal we got last year at Thousand Trails. I have explained it before, but it seems some people don’t understand the Max Pass….and the Max Pass is the key!

This is my understanding of their program.

***please note, I do not work for Thousand Trails, nor am I affiliated with them in any way.  If you consider purchasing a membership, you need to do your due diligence and learn all the facts directly from them***********************

If you can’t get to the Rv show and are interested….read on.

This is how I understand their program.

TT has divided up the country into 4 zones.  The going rate for each zone is $499 annually. 

They are also offering  (at the RV show) a special where you and a friend can each purchase one zone for $499 each, and if two of you buy a zone, you will both  get the entire country (all 4 zones) for free.  That is a great deal, but this year we aren’t planning any trips out of the southeast zone, so we didn’t consider it.  I do not know all the specifics of this program.  I believe that gives you 80 campgrounds nationwide.

At the rv show this year and last year, they had a special show price per zone of $199,  but only at the RV show!  After the show it goes back to $499 a zone.

We bought the southeast zone for $199.  That gave us 24 “resorts.”

You can stay a maximum of 14 days per stay, then you have to be out for 7 days before you get another 14 days. 

In the southeast zone,or the southwest  you can purchase a “Max Pass” for an additional $199.  The Max Pass gives you an additional 6 campgrounds in the southeast zone.  I believe you get 9 additional campgrounds in Arizona, in the Southwest zone.

We purchased the Southeast zone for $199 and also the Max Pass for $199.  The total was $ tax.  The membership  entitled us to the first 30 nights free.

That gives us 9 campgrounds in Florida, 7 in Texas, 1 in Alabama, 2 in South Carolina, 1 in Kentucky, 2 in Tennessee, 3 in North Carolina, 2 in Tennessee, and 5 in Virginia.

After the first 30 nights, you have to pay $3.00 per night.  We have never been charged more, no tax, nothing except the $3.00.  It costs us $42.00 for two weeks.  Yes, we paid $3.00 per night in the Florida Keys….in the winter!

If you don’t purchase the “Max Pass”, there are only 3 resorts in Florida.  Two of them are very nice, but they don’t offer much variety.

We did not expect to be able to get the same rate this year as we paid last year, since we were not “new customers.”  Our renewal price was $723.00.    We weren’t complaining….it would have still been a good deal for us with the traveling we intend to do this year.

However, we decided to see what kind of a deal we could work out at the show.

Al talked to a guy named Larry.  He explained we were already members and asked if they would honor the “show special.”  To our surprise, they did!

He said we just need to cancel our previous membership prior to renewal and they would apply the new membership. 

Larry sent us over to “Josh” to pay.  While doing that I mentioned I had some friends that might be interested in this deal as well.  He said the special is only good at the RV show, but that if anyone was interested and couldn’t get to the show, he could honor the rate through Sunday, January 15th.   His cell number is 407-844-9611.  His name is Josh P.

He also said if any one calls and gives him my name he would give us a $25.00 gift certificate.   So, if you’re interested call Josh by Sunday and give him our names.  Karen and Al Lueck!  

AGAIN….please read all the contract and details before signing up.  It is an automatically renewable contract and if you don’t cancel prior to renewal they will renew you automatically.

We never had any trouble with the reservations, but when we arrive at a campground, we have learned to give them our name and tell them it’s a Max Pass reservation….otherwise they can’t find us.

You can’t make reservations more than 60 days in advance.  I guess this is to keep them open for everyone, but it does make it a bit difficult for long term planning.

The resorts are a little spread out, but we’ve really enjoyed the past few months traveling around the state of Florida, and especially the Keys.

Anyway….I hope this makes it clear.  If not, feel free to email me.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good deal for those that will use use it for sure. Not something we can use with our membership programs, you explained it very well I thought.

  2. That sounds like a pretty good deal and will check it out when we get closer to the time. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the good info. I'm going to give this some thought since we aren't full-timing now, but just the thought of the Keys sounds like a great deal. Carolyn is at the show today - I told her to check out TT since you got such a good deal.

  4. We were at the show and looking at the 1000 Trails too and trying to decide if the parks were in places we intended to go other than Key West! $42 is amazing for TWO weeks!!

    How long did you stay in any one 1000 Trails park? You did them all in Florida as I recall.

    Thanks for the information. Guess you'll no doubt be back in the keys for 2 weeks next year or will you go 2 weeks there and a week somewhere else and then another two weeks? :-)

  5. Sherry

    We normally stay 14 days at every park. For the price, we just can't beat it. Then we use that park as a base to explore the area.

    We're not waiting until next year to go back to they Keys. We're already planning a trip in March, for 5 weeks. We'll either try to stay the off week at Curry Hammock, or see what it would cost to just stay at Sunshine Key for that week.

  6. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for the great info. This is really a good deal!
    One question: on their web site they do not mention the Max Pass. Is this a special for the RV show only? I would like to know the additional parks in Florida included in the Max Pass.
    If we buy, we will definitely give your name. (Unfortunately, we may have to wait til later in the year, but we will call Josh today for add'l info.)
    Susan & Sam

  7. Susan

    I never saw the Max Pass mentioned except at the Rv show. I understand they do not really like it because it causes bookeeping confusion for them.

    I never saw such a good deal last year other than the Tampa Rv show. Josh told me he could only honor the price through today which is the duration of the rv show. That could change...who knows.

    email me if you want info on the max pass parks.

  8. I actually belong to Thousand Trails. The campground we join use to have trailers for rent, but now they are all leased. In addition, the membership dues have not fixed the docks in years. It has gone down over the years in terms of facilities. I would think twice. If you google "Thousand Trails", you will see some issues. Also, they are constantly trying to upsell you on another membership.

  9. Thanks Karen and AL! This is Josh from the show last year. For all your friends starting to plan 2013 adventures listen up....
    I will be working the Good Sams rally In Daytona Beach fl from 11/02/2012-11/04-2012. We will have 1 zone for $299 or 2 zones for $499!!!! Give me a call and mention this blog (407)844-9611 Thanks Again!!!!!!

  10. I got the deal and have been very satisfied. We never visited the peace river location but have the orlando and wildwood. I will be contacting you Josh re: tampa show in january. M Reyes

  11. Hey Everyone!!!!!!! It's Josh from Thousand Trails and Encore. It is that time of year! I hope everyone had wonderful holidays. The Tampa Show is the 16th-20th and we will have the BOGO offer! Feel free to contact me for the best deal going while I am at the show.(407)844-9611
    P.S. If you have a current membership please refer your friends and family. I will be giving $25 in amex giftcards to referring members!


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