Thursday, January 05, 2012

Big Pine Key Rv Resort

Big Pine Key, Florida

Our weather is starting to return to normal, and the wind died down.  We started our day off with a jacket, but it warmed up nicely as the day went along.

We went down to the water front at the campground to watch the first “holey board” game of the season.  There were 30 players.  Al and I just watched because we didn’t want to get involved in a long game…we had other plans.  The seasonal group of people here are very nice.  We would sure love to stay all winter.  Maybe next year.

playing holey board at sunshine key

The area they played at was where we had launched the kayaks a few days ago.  It’s a lovely spot.

To play, you stand on one board and toss metal washers into one of the 3 holes on the other board.  There are lots of rules, but that is the gist of it. They play in teams and everyone contributes $1.00.

It looked like fun.  I saw some rum and coke and a few beers, so I’m sure that adds to the fun.


We decided to head back down to Geiger Key Rv Resort and grab another Hogfish Sandwich, do a little exploring and check out some other rv parks.

I got a better picture of the hogfish sandwich this time.  It was delicious!  They have one smothered with cheese and mushrooms, but all we wanted was the fish, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

al eating hogfish sandwich at geiger key restaurant and rv park


I had a request from someone….and I can’t remember who, (sorry) to check out Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge and Rv Park.  It’s at mile marker 33, which means its 33 miles from Key West. 

I hope you read this post today!

When we drove up, the entrance had a chain in front of it, so we had to go to the office first.  The office was in a very nice camp and gift store…with lots if interesting goodies.

There was an arch you had to go under…at first I didn’t think it would be high enough for our rig, but after we walked it, we found it to be plenty high.

big pine key fishing lodge

They said they can only accommodate rigs up to 36 feet….so that lets us out.  We did find a few sites that were long enough, but we questioned maneuvering into them. 

big pine key fishing lodge campground

big pine key fishing lodge

site 47 was very long and would fit a big rig…if you can get in.

one of the few larger sites at big pine key fishing lodge...roads are narrow 47

This is a fishing lodge as well.  There were canal front sites and even a small motel along the canal by the boat docks.

big pine key fishing lodge

The sites there are pretty tight and looked to mostly be permanent trailers…although some were large 5th wheels.

big pine key fishing lodge

big pine key fishing lodge

This was the closest thing I found to a beach. It was on a gravel parking lot…but with a beautiful view.

big pine key fishing lodge beach

A few more campsite photos…the good and the bad.

big pine key fishing lodge campsite

big pine key fishing lodge

and for my bestest friend Carol, a picture of me in front of the camp store!  She told me I should “let” Al have the camera once in a while so he could take a picture of me.  I had to explain that Al has his own camera  (okay, it might be my OLD camera) and he could use it anytime he wanted.  So he did.

big pine key fishing lodge   karen

The daily rates at this campground are cheaper than most places though..but still pricey.  Waterfront canal sites are $63 a night, $396 weekly and $1606 monthly.  They drop April through November IF you stay a month…they are only $1512.

Our opinion on this campground is that we prefer Sunshine Key.   One good thing it has is a road beside the campground that would be great for bicycling.

They do not allow dogs because they are on the Key Deer Preserve!  Cats are okay.

The sites were fairly small and the roads were pretty narrow and curvy.  It would be hard to get a big rig in.  They allow rigs up to 36 feet…but it might be tricky.  There were a lot of permanent trailers, so sites would be limited.

We prefer Sunshine Key, but of course we have such a great rate that it makes it impossible to think of anywhere else.

Stay tuned for a review of Bluewater Key Rv Resort.  It truly is a “resort.”


  1. yes bluewater is indeed a resort - we enjoyed our stay for a month last June but the rates are extremely high for the winter months there... we head to the keys on Saturday...

  2. That fish sandwich looks so good and bet it even taste better.

  3. I must tell you that hogfish sandwich has me intrigued since you mentioned it the other day-and now you provided a picture.

  4. I'm not a big fish eater, but that sandwich looked pretty good.
    A very nice spot, with some very nice prices. *ulp*
    But, it's all about location I suppose. Nice to see your picture!

  5. Although the park is too crowded (and expen$ive) for my tastes, the scenery sure is pretty, and what a nice place to go for a walk!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. Your adventures and pictures are truly welcomed information especially during this time of year to us in the Midwest. Retirement is really a wonderful time of life, and you and Al are living the dream!!! Thank you so much for sharing with this blog.

  7. Sharon
    Thank you for your kind comment.


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