Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rv Sunshade Fabric

Zephyrhills, Florida

We took a drive over to Center Hill, on Tuesday to pick up some rv sunshade fabric to make tire covers.

This place remote little place in a small unknown and apparently dying town in Florida….but boy do they do a good business.  It is your American success story. 

Rv Travels With Karen and Al  Rv Sunshades  Manatees and Rv Lots

No website, no advertising, and they only have regular hours during snowbird season.   They come to the Webster flea market every Monday.  They do an amazing business just from word of mouth.

They will ship fabric, so if anyone is interested and can’t get there, you might want to call them.  I spoke to him about shipping for a friend in Arkansas.  He said he would help her figure out what she needed and could even send some samples. 

If you go in person, they don’t take credit or debit cards.  Cash or checks only!

They sell hundreds of rolls of the same fabric that is used for Rv’s for front window covers and MCD shades, as well as patio furniture.  There are lots of applications for this fabric.  My friend is getting some for the top of her arbor, to block out a little of the hot sun.  You could put them in the back window of a car to keep the sun off the baby.  You could use them to shade the plants in your garden.  

We bought some last year for a patio mat.  We like it better than the thick ones you get at Camping World.  They snug up against the ground, don’t blow away,  and don’t kill the grass. 

They sell so many colors and patterns that is very difficult to choose.  The prices range from $1.00 to $2.00 a running foot.  Cheap!

Rv Travels With Karen and Al  Rv Sunshades  Manatees and Rv Lots

We bought some black to make tire covers.  We haven’t exactly figured out how to install them, but we have a few ideas.  We want them behind the fender, and we don’t want to drill holes into the motorhome for snaps.  They sell all the hardware for attaching all the things you can make with their fabrics. 

A lot of people get the fabric and attach it to the awning to provide additional shade when the sun is low.  Since we have a Girard awning which has the wind sensor on it, we can’t use one of them….although it would be nice to have. 

We haven’t gotten the tire covers completed yet.  I’ll take some pictures when we do.

Al spent Sunday afternoon working on the Eternabond on the roof.  He  didn’t make me help him.  Smile  He spent a few hours working, but didn’t get finished before he ran out of energy. 

I asked him to take some pictures of the roof for me…since I may never see it up close and personal!


You can see there are a lot of cut-outs to seal.  We had a 50 foot roll of Eternabond tape, and it looks like we’re going to need a little more.

Here is what the shower sky light looked like prior to the Eternabond.  Al found a tiny little hole which was plenty large enough to cause a big leak.  We wouldn’t know we had a leak on this motor home since we have a dropped ceiling with a vinyl roof inside.  In the older motorhome, with the carpet ceiling you knew anytime there was the tiniest leak.

You can see it appeared to be well caulked.  It was done back in July.


The sky light was where we had the biggest problem on the old motor home.

Here is what is looks like now. We won’t ever have to worry about it leaking. 


He didn’t remove the old caulking.  We removed it last time (as best we could) , and it didn’t really look any better, so we didn’t bother this time.

The following picture is a little Dove that sits in our yard.  She helped Al put on the  Eternabond.  Isn’t she cute?



  1. eternabond is amazing stuff for sure. We used it on one of our other motorhomes....we purchased online direct from the eterna bond factory and they shipped it right to canada for us..was alot more economical than purchasing it at home hardware or an Rv place..the roof looks great...what about a grommet tool and grommets for the the tire covers then you can attach them on the back (inside the tires) with bungie cords...

  2. That is a clean looking roof:) You should have a switch to turn off the wind sensor. so you could use the hanging shape while it is off.

  3. Al did a great job with that Eternabond. Nice ot hav peace of mind now.

    Do you rent him out? ;c)

  4. If you're for rent Al, we're close by. :-) We want to put shade cloth over our tires too but don't want to put snaps on either. Magna Shade makes a nice windshield cover that doesn't use snaps. It uses magnets on the inside of the windshield so that you can place it over the glass outside using your awning stick. I wonder if they make tire covers?

  5. I probably won't ever see the roof of our fifth wheel either. I'm really not a heights person. Good luck with the wheel covers.

  6. Looking forward to seeing and hearing about how you do the tire covers. I'm keeping the info about Beasly Co. We might do the same some day.

  7. I like that Eternabond. All my rooftop covers are caulked, but it would look nicer and ensure that they are all waterproof if I used Eternabond like you did. Thanks for the tip and the photo. Your roof looks very nice and clean.

  8. One of these days, I am going to do the same as Al, and eternabond every seam on our roof.
    I hate scraping off the old caulking, and putting new stuff on every few years.
    One of these of these days.... LOL

  9. I think your pics of the roof have convinced me to go ahead and use Eternabond on our roof as well - before we ever need it!

  10. What a neat job with the eternabond Al did! Your timing on the Beasley Manufacturing was spot on. I was about to ask in the forums about the name and where it was. I had forgotten but wanted to get ground mat material. Looks like a Tuesday trip next week. FYI, heard Ocala Show was pretty good =had vendors and about 100 rvs we were told. Mainly 5th wheels. We're headed there Sat.

  11. That little dove is really cute. Carolyn gave us her tire covers. They mount with suction cups and have worked very well.

    That fabric shop is amazing. The roof looks terrific - wonder what ours looks like.

  12. We bought the black material for tire covers and bought the large suction cups to attach the material on the coach over the tires. Sometimes they don't hold but it's better than drilling holes. We also have a wind sensor on our motorhome but my husband found the on/off switch so we use the awning shade all the time!

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