Friday, January 13, 2012

Staying Put

Zephyrhills, Florida

We arrived back in our winter home and got parked back into our campsite very easily.

We had been a bit concerned because our site is nestled up next to a fence on the right side of the motorhome.  Luckily our next door neighbors were gone and the site in front of us was empty so Al was able to make a wide turn and pull into the site ahead and then back right in.  I guess I worried for nothing. Smile

The trip was uneventful once we got onto I75.  We went through Alligator Alley but next time will cross the state on US 41, which is much more interesting and scenic.

Map picture

It appears we got home just in time for a cold front…and this time it’s going to be pretty cold.  I think today’s temperature isn’t going to get above the lower 60’s.  Tonight is supposed to be 37 and 34 tomorrow!  Compare that to the lows in the 60’s in the Keys and you’ll know why we wish we were still there!

We’re heading to the Rv show today and then we’d like to try and meet up with some others that are here in the area, like the other Al and KarenGin and Syl, and meet their new motorhome Tawanda.

The plan is to stay here until the end of March.  We have been going strong since we left Lazy Days in August.  Some time staying put will be kind of nice.  At least we’re saying that now…give us a few days to get hitch-itch and see what happens!  There is a lot to do here in the Tampa area, so we should be able to entertain ourselves for two months…after all we entertained ourselves in this area 30 years!


  1. Karen, I see your comment! We have left Hillsborough this morning, and will be in Homosassa for the next week. We'd love to meet up, maybe go kayaking with you. Drop me an email at It would probably be helpful to us new kayakers to have someone experienced like you to guide us along. Have a great day at the show!

  2. A few cool days for you but it will warm up again soon. Will see if you can sit still for that long , I know we can't. Have fun.

  3. Enjoy the show today. We'll get together soon. Lazydays has been nice.

  4. I can only close my eyes and imagine kayaking with you guys in Florida!

    It helps to block out the piles of white *S*N*O*W* that fell here in Wisconsin!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Glad the drive was uneventful. Colder here too, hope it is sort lived and we all get the warmer temps back.

  6. Have fun at the RV show. It's always great to go a kick a few tires when you're not in the market for a new rig.

  7. I always like to stop for awhile. Lets me unwind and explore an area. I'm sure you will enjoy your time there BUT hitch itch is a powerful thing!!!!!
    Its cold here too!! Hope it moves on out very soon.

  8. we debated on wether or not to go to the RV show over in Tampa..and decided not to attending when we don't need 'anything' usually costs us more than we bargained for -we keep saying this is our 'last' rig...have said that for the last 4 we thought it would be safer to stay away lol....hope you enjoyed the show...I'm gonna hit camping world tomorrow in the Ft. Myers area (hopefully)..instead..have a super weekend...

  9. Sorry you had to come back just as the cold front hit. We're having the same thing here in Hillsborough River. Went to the RV Show and am still trying to decide about the 1000 Trails offers. It would be a no brainer if we were staying in Florida as much as you did. Would LOVE to go to your spot in the Keys at that great price.


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