Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rv Projects

Zephyrhills, Florida

We spent yesterday shopping….Wal-Mart, Lowes, a flea market, and groceries.  By the time we got home, we were both pooped.

We watched the movie Ides of March, with George Clooney.  It’s a story about a an election.  It’s maddening knowing it’s actually how politics works. 

I have plans for today.  Al is resisting.  We’ll have to see what happens.

My plans are to start putting the  Eternabond tape on the roof.  I figure, we’re not going to get any better weather to do it.  If we wait too long, it’ll be too hot, and in two months we will start traveling again, so I think this is a good time.  I want to get the vents and  seams taped up so that we won’t ever have to worry about doing any re-sealing again. 

The Florida sun is very hard on the caulking.  Our roof was re-caulked at Lazy Days when we bought it and Al already found a few small areas that needed re-doing.   When we did the old motorhome with Eternabond, I got up there and helped Al.  It’s really much easier with two people.  This motor home is much taller than the other one and every time I look up there, I panic.  I think I’ve lost my nerve.  I don’t know if I can force my self to climb that ladder. I know it’s really not that much higher, but it’s scary!

I finally got a trowel to apply the mastic for the backsplash tiling project.  I might even work on that today.  It’ll probably take all of 10 minutes.  (famous last words)

We also have to get the kayaks inflated because we’re leaving for Crystal River early tomorrow.  I understand that there were tons of people kayaking there over the week-end.

We’re looking forward to another beautiful warm sunny day.  I am so glad to be back in Florida for the winter.

My picture of the day.  Al at Red Coconut Rv Resort in Fort Myers.



  1. Why is it those 10 minute jobs always seem to drag on for hours? :)

  2. There is always a few rv projects to get done, do them while the weather is right,have fun!

  3. There is always a few rv projects to get done, do them while the weather is right,have fun!

  4. I have problems with heights too but I am trying to overcome them. I actually was up on the ladder helping clean the rig but I still let John do the roof.

  5. There was a huge crowd at the Manatee Arts & Crafts Festival in downtown Crystal River yesterday and I heard there was alot of kayak traffic in the Three Sisters area. We enjoyed the festival and only bought 2 water bottle coozies!

  6. Going on the roof never bothered me until I took a nose dive off a ladder two years ago. Now I am VERY careful when I have to go on the roof:(

  7. There's always something needing to be done, but such a good feeling when you're finished. I don't mind going up on my roof, but I take it slow and easy, and pay attention. I sure don't want to fall off.

    Beautiful photo.

  8. Yep, be careful saying anything takes 10 minutes!! Good luck and truly here's hoping it only takes 10 and all goes as planned!!
    Be careful on that roof!!

  9. Kayaking at Crystal River today (Sunday 1/22/12) was crazy. The Three sisters area was packed with boats and people. Lots of manatees, but also lots of activity. Going during the week is the way to go.

    Out trip:

  10. This is perfect weather for rv projects, but it's also great weather for having fun!!

  11. Get that roof sealed up real good provides peace ofmind.

  12. Was the movie any good? I've been considering watching it.

  13. Hate to hear that the manatees are over run with traffic. Makes me feel so sorry for them.

    Hope you got both projects done easily and in record time.

  14. there is always tomorrow!!!..Monday is always a good day to start a new project!!

  15. I've been debating whether to put Eternabond on our roof as it's only a little over a year old. It's probably a good idea so thanks for the reminder.

  16. That's the one thing I don't like about RV maintenance, getting up on that darn roof! Thanks for the reminder about checking the roof out, ours probably needs a look...sigh!

  17. Sherry

    Don't worry too much about the people who love the Manatee. They are watched carefully so they don't harass them. The Manatee seem to enjoy interacting with humans, especially the youngsters. The people we need to worry about are the careless boaters.

    Pam and Wayne
    The movie was pretty good, but I wasn't crazy about it. It was a little too real!


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