Saturday, January 07, 2012

Catch of the Day

Big Pine Key, Florida

How about this for a good catch?

purchase from fish lady at sunshine 6 lobster tails and 2 lbs of scamp grouper $104

That is 6 Florida lobster tails and 2 pounds of scamp grouper.


There were just so many fish, we just didn’t know which one to shoot first!



Actually, the “fish lady” comes to the rv park every Friday and sells lots of seafood.

We ended up getting another few pounds of mangrove snapper and yellow tail.  We will be eating a lot of fish around here!

These pictures were actually of an amazing aquarium at Worldwide Sportsman of Islamorada.  It’s a huge place.  It’s kind of like a Bass Pro Shop.


We spent Thursday and Friday just exploring.  We did a little shopping at some of the places that sell local crafts and artwork.   I normally don’t like to do much shopping, but I wanted a few little decorative touches for the motor home. 

Our plan for Friday was to go kayaking, so we headed up to Islamorada with the intention of launching from Robbies Marina.  You can paddle to a couple little islands that are actually Florida State Parks.  You can actually see some American Crocodiles that live right behind the marina.

Once we got there, we wimped out.  It didn’t quite get to 70 degrees today and there was enough of a breeze to make it cool by the water. 

So we just messed around and explored the islands.

Here are some pictures from our day

bridge near islamorada

pretty water and interesting bridges



This pelican posed nicely for me. I used the new picasa editing tools to soften him a little and add a border.


closeup of pelican

We have an artist friend.  I think I might like him to paint this one for us.


There is an Outback Steakhouse in with a Hampton Inn.  They have  tiki bar out by the pool where you can eat lunch.  We decided to eat there.  Outback is about the cheapest place for lunch here!   There are very very few fast food places.  This was the view behind the restaurant.   Those crossed poles are tiki torches.  I’ll bet it’s pretty all lit up at night.


I thought this sign was appropriate for the Keys.

welcome to paradise where its always happy hour

These wall hangings were made from aluminum and were beautiful….and expensive.

wall decor from aluminum...beautiful

Here is a dog that appears to be driving a motor home.

dog driving motor home

Our campground is situated in between two bridges. There is a walking/fishing bridge beside the main bridge.  It makes a great place to watch sunrises and sunsets.

These are from Friday nights sunset.  It’s really too bad all those power lines were there…but it is what it is.

view from bridge at sunshine key

And a beautiful full moon.

full moon over sunshine key

We walked through the campground on the way back home and it looked pretty with all the lights.

sunshine key rv at night


The next one is our motorhome with the reflections from the neighbors lights.  I thought it looked pretty.

our coach at sunshine key

It was another wonderful day in paradise.  I’m sure going to hate to leave!

We’ve already been making plans to return.


  1. The pelican shots are great ... he did indeed pose for you.

  2. Nice work editing the pelican. Isn't it amazing what can be done with software.

    Oh those lobster tails looked terrific. Those fish sandwiches are huge!

    You sure are seeing some beautiful places.

  3. I can't get to Florida this winter so am really enjoying following along on your journey. Your pictures are fantastic. Look forward to your posts

  4. Great shot of the pelican. I don't use Picasa but I love fun editing effects, can make a good photo look amazing.

  5. beautiful spot you are in! and so lucky to have seafood delivery... yum!

  6. The photos were excellent and the fish & lobster tails made me hungry... So it was a GREAT post!!!
    Have fun in Paradise!
    Travel safe

  7. It would be nice if you left some seafood for the rest of us... ;c)

    You can't find a much better paradise than in the Keys!

    Your pelican photo is a money shot. Great work!

  8. Love the pelican photo-but you are so correct. It would make a great painting.

  9. If we hang out around your door after supper, can we have leftovers?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. If we hang out around your door after supper, can we have leftovers?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. That is the only kind of "fishing" I could do well at:)

  12. I love the photos of the pelican too. What a great bird. When are you serving those lobster tails? We'll be right over! LOL! Looks like you two are having a great time.

  13. great great shots....what a gorgeous place...

  14. I enjoyed looking at all your photos but that pelican shot is indeed a keeper. Wow!

  15. Looks like you have the makings of a great dinner with that lobster!


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