Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Curry Hammock State Park, Kayaking

Big Pine Key, Florida

New Years Day found us at Curry Hammock State Park.  The weather was warm and sunny, the winds calm and the water clear.  Another perfect day in the Florida Keys.

I just want to clarify some things first.  The Florida Keys are very popular.  It is not all that big, just a series of small islands with limited land.  So, since it’s so popular in the winter, you pay the price.

A few people questioned the prices of the campground at Geiger Key.  It is a very  nice campground.  The rates are about normal for the Florida Keys during the high season (winter). 

The picture below is what I copied from their website.  These are the normal rates.

Geiger Key Marina RV Park  The Smokehouse Restaurant  The Backside of Paradise  Old Key West

How about those monthly rates?  The figures in parenthesis are with taxes included.

The Passport America rate is 50% off the in season daily rate. 

These rates are typical in the Keys.  During the summer, lobster season is also a big draw, starting in August.  It gets pretty crowded here then too.

There is nothing cheap in the Keys, but there is also no where else like it, and no where I’d rather be in the winter!

Of course the state parks are quite a bit cheaper…if you can get a reservation.  Curry Hammock is in my opinion the nicest state park in the keys.  Campsites are about $42 a night, with tax.  You have electric and water, but no sewer.  You need to make reservations early….and then it requires some luck.  Bahia Honda State Park is a great park, but the campground isn’t quite as nice, mainly because it’s older.  The rates are the same as Curry Hammock. 

There is NO slow season in the Keys.  The winter brings snowbirds, the summer brings Floridians looking to fish and dive.  I understand our campground here at Sunshine Key is nearly full with summer residents  from the Miami area. 

Anyway, back to our kayak trip at Curry Hammock.

The have a nice kayak launch which circles the island and into the backwater mangrove area.

We chose to go through the mangroves first then head out to the Atlantic.

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park

The water wasn’t as clear, but it was pretty.

We headed towards the mangroves, but had to go under a bridge first. 

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park, mangroves

Wasn’t sure I wouldn’t hit my head.  Smile

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park, mangrove bridge

The mangroves were pretty thick, but thankfully no mosquitos!

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park, mangrove

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park, mangrove

It was pretty inside, but at times pretty narrow and difficult to paddle.

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park, mangrove

We finally came out to this view.

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park, leaving mangrove

I don’t know why, but we haven’t seen a lot of birds here in the Keys.  I guess they are all in the Everglades!

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park

We circled around and went into the Atlantic side.


We paddled in front of the campground.

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park, view of campground

We ended up back at the kayak launch.

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park kayak launch

Across the way was a beautiful piece of property, that looked to be privately owned.  Sure wish I knew them.

kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park view of private property by kayak launch

This is Al posing by the launch area. 


kayak launch at kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park

Here is the same picture with Picasas new editing feature.

kayak launch at kayaking at Curry Hammock State Park

Another wonderful day in Paradise.


  1. thanks for the campground information, Karen. We saw Bahia State Park when in the Keys (without the motor home) and thought it might be nice to try to go there, but now we will hunt down Curry Hammock. That looks like our kind of kayaking! Maybe next winter, who knows.

  2. nice shots of your day filled with kayaking!!!..the prices are very expensive but I am sure the view is so worth it!!!


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