Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are We Still in Florida?

Zephyrhills, Florida

It was very hard to get out from our toasty warm electric blanket this morning.  The temperature is 30 29 degrees!   Brrrrrr

We didn’t have a heat pump on our old motor home, and we’re very glad to one now. 

So far, it’s still heating, but I know it only works down to a certain temperature.  I am surprised it’s still heating at 30 29 degrees.  (it’s still dropping)

We can also turn on the furnace if we need to, but I’d rather not burn propane if I don’t have to.

It’s 61 degrees in the Keys.  We should have stayed there!

The good news is this is supposed to be the last cold night for a while and we’re heading back into the 70’s tomorrow.

We’re going to visit Mom today and then we may run over to Hillsborough River State Park and take a short hike.   Things have sure slowed down since we got back from the Keys.


  1. We're in Hillsborough. If you get over here let us know. Site 11.
    Would love to see you.

    We're heading over to see Gin & Syl's new rig at about 1:00 though so we may miss you.

    32 for the low here last night. Brrrrrrr is right!

  2. Glad to hear the warmth is returning to you. But even with the cold, hasn't this winter been better than last year was?

  3. I meant to ask you about Baxter and how he's doing with his food.

  4. That is good news! We heard it was heading into the upper 60s here this week. YAY!!
    Enjoy your hike!!

  5. If those temps keep up you'll be drinking frozen orange juice in the morning. I'm sure it'll warm up again in a few days though.


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