Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Must be Hitch Itch?

Zephyrhills, Florida

We can’t complain at all about the weather here in the Tampa Bay area.  The sky is clear and the temperature is predicted to be in the upper 70’s for the foreseeable future.  However….

The Florida Keys are calling our names!


I just made a two week reservation back at Sunshine Key Rv Resort,  starting March 21st.   We plan to stay 30 days, so we’ll have to be out of the system for 7 nights and then book the rest of the trip.  Thousand Trails doesn’t allow you to book anything further ahead than 60 days, so we can’t book the second part of the trip yet.  I’m thinking it is to keep people from booking up all the sites.

We’re hoping they will give us a good deal on the 7 nights in the middle.  I have seen a special of $299 a week. (yikes)  I assume the $3.00 nightly resort fee will also be included.  It’s not real cheap, but the State Parks are just about as expensive there in the Keys, so I don’t see many options.

Our summer plans are  still up in the air.  We have considered Washington, DC,  but now are thinking maybe just to hang around in North and South Carolina.  I hate to drive right by areas we haven’t explored on the way to DC, so since our time will be limited, we’re thinking of postponing DC this year. I’m pretty sure it’ll still be here next year.  I have family in both of the Carolinas', so it might be nice to do some visiting.

Today is play day, but we haven’t decided exactly where to play.  Al is insisting on the good breakfast I promised him, so I guess I’d better get busy.


  1. My sister lives in MD fairly close to DC so I've been there a few times. You may be more used to humidity, but whenever I was visiting in the summertime the air was pretty thick with it! Sisters favorite season is spring...

    I know wherever you go you'll have a great time!

  2. I'm just on the north side, going up 17, from Charleston. It's very nice here, but Hub and I are itching to get to the day when we can full-time At this point, we're still counting years, not months. Oh well. If you cruise this way, let me know.

  3. Having lived 2 hours from DC for over 30 years I would strongly recommend any other season than summer. It is hot, humid, sticky and SOOO crowded with TONS of people even on the week-ends which during other seasons are actually pretty nice with all the govt workers at home.


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