Monday, January 02, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Big Pine Key, Florida     Sunshine Key Rv Park
We have really been enjoying our stay in the Keys.  I wish we could stay here through March or April.  It’s a wonderful place to spend the winter months.
On the way back from Key West on Friday,  we decided to stop and have lunch.  We wanted to find a local waterfront restaurant where we could get some good seafood.
I use an App on my Droid phone called “Places.”  I find it very handy since we’re in unfamiliar cities very often.  You can program any “places”  you want.  I have places like Post Office, Bank of America, Home Depot, Walmart, restaurants…to name just  few.  So on the way back from Key West I asked it for restaurants that were close by.  We ended up selecting a little waterfront restaurant called the Geiger Key Grill. Another nice thing about this app, is that it gives you directions, a website if there is one, and customer reviews!  We find the restaurant reviews very handy.
It was the most beautiful waterfront restaurant we’ve been to.  Most of the time, these little places have beautiful views, but the restaurants are a little dumpy.  This place was not like that at all.  It was new looking and very clean and had  amazing views.
restaurant view of mangroves
al waiting for lunch
It turned out there is an rv park, and marina there as well…and what a nice rv park it is.   It’s called Geiger Key Marina and Rv Park.
We ordered the Hogfish Sandwich platter.  Hogfish is in the snapper family and is one of the best fish you can eat.  They are very hard to catch and most people just get them when spearfishing.  The prices were pretty high, but we splurged and both ordered the Hogfish sandwich….for $15.95!   I sure hated to spend that much, but if was worth every penny and we’ll definitely go back again!
hogfish sandwich at geiger key
It was a very large sandwich and we could have easily have split one…but we didn’t and we both ate every bit of the sandwich!  We’ve been dreaming of that sandwich ever since!
We would love to spend some time at this campground.  It’s facing some beautiful mangrove islands. The water was a deep turquoise color but the pictures don’t reflect the color well.
Geieger key marina restaurant best hogfish sandwich ever..but $16
The next picture shows the restaurant view and further down the walkway is the campground.
restaurant..but rv parkwith gorgeorus water front sites is strait ahead
view from the campground waterfront site
geiger key cg view
geiger key marina campground
geiger key cg
The campground is a Passport America cg so from May through September, you can stay here for half price,  which is about $60.  The waterfront sites were plenty large for big rigs and easy enough to get into. 
There is a marina and kayak launch (free) at the end of the road.  We hope to get back for another fish sandwich and a kayak paddle in the beautiful water.  The water was clear and pretty and we saw lots of fish right from the  restaurant.
kayak launch
kayak launch (free) at geiger key cg and marina
We’ve been busy kayaking.  We kayaked at Bahia Honda State Park and yesterday we went to Curry Hammock State Park.   More on that later.


  1. Wow that was a really beautiful place and lucky they had GREAT food too... Glad your having fun!!!
    Travel safe

  2. wished I had know you were looking to eat there as another real good spot is just past the last sign leaving key west called the hogfish bar and grill - just past another big rv park. The guy who owns it also owns the one you went too.

  3. Nice find, and kayaking too, You guys are sure enjoying your time in Fla.You said that the PA price was $60 that means to get a spot in the winter it's $120 a night, wow, that's a little to high for us. I guess we will have to wait for when the price changes. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  4. Oh the hog fish sandwich sounds awesome, now you making me hungry! Looks like a great place but too pricey for us.

  5. Great post. My mouth is watering. What a beautiful place. But even in the "off season" it's out of our price range. The state parks are at the top of our limit. But I'll definitely check out the restaurant and Heyduke's suggestion when we get there. thanks.

  6. Never have had hogfish before-may have to give it a go. What a beautiful surrounding for a campground.

  7. great place to stay!!!..waterfront views must be amazing!!

  8. I guess we'll need to start saving up for next year if we want to spend time in the Keys. Beautiful place though.

  9. What a paradise you have found! Carolyn had just been telling me about Geiger Key yesterday. Sounds wonderful.

  10. That sandwich is HUGE! What a great find, the restaurant, RV park, and kayak launch. I thought you meant the price was $60/night - half that with the PA discount, or $30. Surely it can't be $120/night without the PA discount?

  11. Nice sandwhich! Love all that warm sunshine, too. Great place you have there. Enjoy.

  12. what a gorgeous place!! what a massive sandwich..the RV park looks great too...a bit pricy at the 1/2 off..but everything in the keys seems to be...would still love to stay there tho...have a super week


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