Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cold Front, Rain, New Chairs

Zephyrhills, Florida  (high 75, low 49)

A cold finally made it’s way down to central Florida, bringing  rain and some severe storms to our south.

We got very little rain or wind, but the sun never did come out yesterday.   It was dreary all day, and we were both kind of depressed all day.

Our “cold” front is predicted to bring more seasonal weather, so we’ll be back into the low to mid 70’s for a few days.  Not a bad cold front, huh?  This certainly has been a wonderful winter in Florida this year. 

Al noticed  some neighbors had some nice patio chairs.  We found out that they  got them at Camping World last year.  After we checked them out for comfort, I ordered two chairs through Camping World online.  I don’t recall ever seeing them at the stores.  They have a high back,  recline, they’re lightweight aluminum and are made of the same fabric as we found at the fabric store the other day.  We figured they would be perfect for sitting under the awning, or taking to the beach.

Worldwide Merchandise Company   Lightweight Adjustable Folding Arm Chair   D09 1008   Outdoor Chairs   Camping World

Camping World offered free shipping so the total cost for two chairs  was $70.60.  We have the bag chairs and they really aren’t comfy.  We have bought several  other chairs over the years and can’t seem to find ones we like.  We always think we’ll like them, but after we have them a while, we find they are not comfortable. I hope these will be the ones.

We considered this type, but sometimes I want my feet and head up at the same time….besides they take up a lot of valuable basement storage.

Worldwide Merchandise Company   Roasted Olive Recliner and Chair set   D09 1115   Outdoor Recliners   Camping World

I hope these will be the last chairs we buy for a while!  

It’s sunny today, and I can already feel my mood is better.  It’s funny how that works.

We haven’t gotten the tire covers done yet.  We needed some black spray paint and some pvc pipe. We just got that bought yesterday. Hopefully today will be more productive!

So glad to see the sunshine!   Smile


  1. Dreary days make me feel dreary too unless it's mighty hot where I am and then I welcome the lack of sun.

    Love the word "productive" and our need to be so.

  2. I love the new header pic of Al relaxing on the water. PVC and black paint...I'm curious now.

  3. nice new 'chairs' you purchased!..hope they get lots of use!

  4. We've gone through a lot of chairs also, trying to find ones that we like and don't take up a lot of room. Never ending quest. Glad your sun is back, I hate those dreary days. We have sun but lots of wind today. Glad we're not on the road.

  5. I found two nice chairs on sale at K mart last fall. They may not be "the ones" but they will do for awhile,. I reall don't mlike the bag chairs very much either.

  6. We have had so many chairs! We see some and think, "WOW those would be great!" A coupla months later we realize that they weren't so great after all and so it goes. We are now down to 2 recliners, 2 directors chairs and 2 beach bum chairs. Hope the weather warms up for you.

    Mike and Dee

  7. had the same weather here yesterday I shopped, cooked and cleaned...I think the sun only broke thru for a few minutes then was was nice!! We need days like that I guess..


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