Sunday, January 08, 2012

Kayaking at Geiger Key Marina

Big Pine Key, Florida

Our time here in the Florida Keys is quickly coming to an end, so we’re frantically trying to get every thing done before we leave.  Smile

We have to keep reminding ourselves that we will be back and some things will have to wait until next time…..which will probably be late March.

Yesterday, we decided to head down towards Geiger Key Marina to do some kayaking.  This is the place that had the wonderful restaurant where we so enjoyed their (expensive) Hogfish Sandwiches. 

I emailed HeyDuke to see if they wanted to meet us and maybe do some kayaking. They are staying nearby for a few weeks, so I thought it might be a good chance to meet them.  Unfortunately, they were not in the Keys yet, but still on their way.  Maybe next time.

We launched the kayaks at the free boat launch by the marina and campground. 

geiger key marina boat launch

There are a lot of mangrove islands there and we thought it might be a fun place to paddle. 

We paddled by the campground and restaurant. This guy here has the best site, doesn’t he?  His Monaco looks very similar to ours, so I tried to imagine it was us staying there!

campground view from water at geiger key marina

A lot of sites have tiki huts, which are nice but cut into the space you have for your rv.


The next photo is a waterfront view of the restaurant where we got that wonderful food. 


Unfortunately the tide was at it’s lowest and we had trouble maneuvering around except in the channel.

There were a few boats zooming by and one of them got the finger (after he was far enough that he couldn’t see me)  Smile

Polite boaters slow down when they approach a small watercraft.   A***holes don’t slow down.


The other direction from the restaurant was a few houses.  I thought this shot of the pink house was interesting with the reflection on the water.  I used my new favorite Picasa editing feature…vignette.

pink house at geiger key

We stopped here and had a sandwich. 


We would have had a better time if we had a little higher tide.  There were a lot of fish in the mangroves.  Unfortunately since it was a Saturday, there were too many boats.  Next time we come back, we will make sure we aren’t there on a week-end or a low tide.

We discovered a nice little beach across from the Naval Air Station, and nearby Geiger Key Marina.

It had some nice shady areas where you could bring a book and a chair.

The shoreline was rocky, which may be a good spot to snorkel (once the water warms up)

beach by NAS Key west from geiger key marina

There is no pretty white sand, but the water was clear and pretty.  We’ll bring the kayaks there next time.

You can drive only so far and then have to park and walk if you want to go further down the beach.

beach by NAS Key west from geiger key marina

We found some interesting things along this walk.

butterflies at beach by NAS Key west from geiger key marina

goldenrod at beach by NAS Key west from geiger key marina

hawk at beach by NAS Key west from geiger key marina

We headed back up towards Big Pine Key.  There was some sort of marathon run on Highway 1.  There were hundreds of runners running some sort of relay.  There were many, many vans, and lots of traffic.  It really held up traffic.

I guess we’re getting old.  We just can’t seem to go like we want to.  By the time we got home last night, we were both pretty tired.  We read went for a walk around the campground, read a while, watched some tv and then both were in bed by 10ish.

We got up at this morning to watch the sunrise over the water.  Not many more morning left.


It was daylight out, and we thought we had missed it.

We have to walk up towards the bridge to see the sunrise.


Here it comes, as beautiful as ever.


I like the sunset better, but this is pretty nice too!

I have been taking pictures of our campground.  I’ll do a campground review soon. 


  1. I'm always impressed when people get up to see the sunrise. I'm not a morning person so I see lots of sunsets but rarely a sunrise. Looks like a fun trip on the water.

  2. Beautimous! (i made that word up!)

    I love your interesting things! Do you beach comb? I love doing that, but end up with a neck ache from looking down while I walk for such a long time!! lol I have so many treasures from the beaches that I love!!

  3. So that's what a sunrise looks like!

    I'm always amazed when you can paddle those kayaks all over the place without tipping over and falling in the water.

    Great photos!

  4. My wife and I spent 11 years in the Florida Key during Jan-April and loved it. It got too expensive to stay there that long and now spend the time in Tucson, AZ. Not the same, but still a great place to stay.

    I notice you say Big Pine Key as where you are staying. If you are at Sunshine Key RV Park, then you are on Ohio Key. Confusing?

    We always enjoyed a trip to the No Name Pub on No Name Key. Great pizza. Don't let the outside decor fool you, it is a great restaurant. Check it out before you leave.

    My wife helped make the stained glass windows at the St Peters Catholic church on Big Pine Key. Friendliest Catholic church we have ever attended.

  5. What a grand day on the water!!

    Love the peaceful!!

  6. Beautiful day for a paddle. Thanks for the tour. Great sunset photo too.

  7. You certainly had a gorgeous day to enjoy being out on the water.

  8. I wish I could do everything I want to do in a day, but like you, I can not cram it all in. Relaxing is important too.

  9. The sunrise was beautiful. We have too many palm trees and houses that get in the way. Great photo of the pink house - that's the real Florida.

  10. Great post! What a terrific day, other than the inconsiderate boaters. Some folks never grow up and have toddler "it's all about me" syndrome forever.

    I know what you mean about week-ends. We sit around and read or do the laundry and other chores and wait for the crazies to leave. Things are so much nicer during the week. (I do feel sorry for them having to cram all their fun in a frantic pace into two days. But I don't want to join them)

    Pink house picture looks professional. Belongs on a calendar advertising the keys.

  11. What a great day. Looks like it was a nice place to kayak. Love the sunset shots.

    Kevin and Ruth


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