Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Little Flea Bag

Zephyrhills, Florida

A “cold” front moved in yesterday bringing a little rain.    The temperature today is supposed to get to 71 today,  and then back to upper 70’s and low 80’s  for the rest of the week.  Perfect weather.

Next week, we’re planning a kayak trip back  up to Crystal River,  to the Three Sisters Springs.  We paddled there back in October before the Manatees arrived.  It was such a beautiful trip that we planned on going back once the manatee arrive.

  Click here for the link on that blog post.

The water by the springs was absolutely gorgeous and it didn’t even matter that there were no manatee there at the time.  Have you ever seen such clear water?  It was a lot deeper than it looks.

three sisters springs

We also want to get back to the Weeki Wachee River while we’re in this area.  It’s one of my favorite rivers in Florida (and that is saying a lot because Florida has some beautiful rivers).  Click here for a link to last years blog post about this river.

weeki wachee

So anyway, once Al gets his accounts done, we will be able to play.  I  just hope the weather holds up.

By the way, I just remembered a comment from Rick  a while back, about kayaks and canoes being “tippy.”  I have only been in a canoe once and I did feel it was a bit tippy, but our Sea Eagle Fast Track 385 kayaks are very stable.  It would be very difficult to tip our kayaks, and we try not to go places where that is a possibility.  Tipping over in my kayak is not my idea of a good time.  We made sure that our kayaks we purchased were stable.  There are some cheap kayaks out there that may tip a little easier, but not ours.  So, if you have a chance, give kayaking a try.  It really is a safe and easy sport.  There is no better way to get wildlife photos and see some amazing scenery.

Another comment I remember was about bringing your camera on the kayak, and the possibility of getting it wet.   I have never kayaked without my camera and believe it or not, I have paddled with both my video and my digital camera.    I would sometimes hold the video between my knees and my digital in my hands.  It got a little tricky paddling though.   I crashed into more than a few trees!  Smile

Several years ago, we bought several small black vinyl waterproof camera bags at Wal-Mart.   They sold for about $10 back then.   They roll up and close with Velcro,  and a snapping mechanism.  I put my camera in there while I am entering and exiting my kayak, and if it gets too rough or it rains.   Other than that the camera is around my neck and covered with a small towel. I no longer bring a video camera since my Canon has video built in.

My waterproof camera bag looks something like this that I found at Amazon.  camera dry bag

I don’t know if Wal-Mart sells them in the stores anymore.  I didn’t find them on Wal-Mart's website.


Yesterday, I spent around the house cleaning, and doing laundry.  It seems we have picked up some fleas and they seem to prefer the soft long fur on Baxter.

My little flea bag!


I don’t know how in the heck we got fleas. It was either from when we had him at the Vet getting neutered, or we brought some in on our clothes, but for the second time, we have a flea issue.

Al is going to have to spray the house and today I am going to shampoo carpets.

So today, my plan is to shampoo the carpet.  Did I mention that I really hate carpeting?  Fortunately we don’t have much, so it doesn’t take much time to shampoo.   No playing today.


  1. Love those kayaks! Have fun! Hope you get the flea situation under control. What a cute kitty.

  2. Fleas! Yet another reason to hate carpeting! Thanks for the detailed info on protecting your camera while kayaking. We're new to kayaking and my husband is uncomfortable with me bringing my SLR with me. The same SLR that has bounced off a few rocks while hiking, ya know! They need to make bumper pads for those things. I've also had it land facedown in the sand when the tripod tipped off. I am a bit accident prone, so I can understand his concern where water is concerned. I can't wait to see you pictures when you kayak with the manatees!

  3. That water is just unbelievable - so very pretty. I'm glad you take your camera with you so we can vicariously enjoy your kayaking adventures.

  4. Oh boy. We've "been there and done that" when it comes to fleas. Oy.
    Had an infestation when our daughter brought home a cat some 14 years ago. (I know this, since he just passed away a few months back and well, he was 14)
    Little did we know that he'd turn out to be a long haired cat, nor that he had brought along his little friends.
    The fleas didn't bother me any, but they went right for my wife's ankles! (Jumping out of the carpet. Hello?)
    What fun that was.
    Spraying, washing, vacuuming. Man!
    Good luck.

  5. Finally caught up on your blog. Glad to hear that the flea bag is doing much better on different food. He is so darn cute.

  6. We went kayaking with whales in the San Juan Islands this summer in Washington. Didn't see many whales, but it was still pretty amazing. I'll have to add kayaking with Manatees in Florida to my bucket list!

  7. Sure am having troubles with the signal here in Myakka. Thought I posted here but it looks like I didn't. So I'll try this again. I think we are going the wrong direction to kayak around the manatees having just moved from Hillsborough River to Myakka. Maybe if I'm in Florida for the winter about 10 times I'll know where I want to be when! LOL

    That Baxter is a CUTIE!!

  8. he certainly is one sweet looking flea bag...and yes he probably got them at the vets office...we've been lucky and we use revolution..covers fleas ticks heart worm etc...thankfully (I whisper this as I type it)..we've been lucky so far as I'm allergic to them...have a super weekend

  9. Hmmm...I do not think our kayak will move if my camera is not around my neck;o)) It is like the ignition key!!!


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